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(Minor spoilers. If you're reading this to decide whether to watch the movie or not - go watch it. Nao. What's the worst that can happen? That you don't like it? And the best? That you have an amazing time :D. Let's face it, it's not like you had something productive to do anyways.)

Redline is a fantastic anime movie that everyone will have a good time watching.

Let us start by discussing the plot. Redline is a movie about a man who loves racing, and has always wanted to participate in Redline, the most popular race of the universe. The plot is far from original. The whole storyline is predictable. This will make any viewer who wished to be treated with a complex, thought-provoking storyline end disappointed, as Redline doesn't promise you anything. It doesn't aim to have an intricate plot, and it certainly doesn't need one.

Moving on to the characters, there are several ones, most of which you won't care about, and go completely underdeveloped throughout the movie. Redline might have many characters, but they do not interact between them in surprising ways. Still, I wouldn't go as far as to call all the characters frequent stereotypes. I'm not an authority on anime/real life racing movies, so I'm not sure if these characters are common or not - but for the normal anime viewer, the one that rarely sees races in animes - the characters will be just fine.

So, everything sounds so boring until now, doesn't it? Why does this anime deserve your time?

It's because Redline promises you 100 straight minutes of awesomeness. Redline's ultimate objective is to entertain you. It's common senses - entertainment should be enjoyable, and yet we often see series or movies that fall flat. Redline aims high, and it succeedes.

The storyline, as I said, is very basic. And that's all it needs to be - there's no need for more. You wouldn't want more. The characters do not develope, but they don't need to. They are very fun to watch just like they are.  Every single character adds something to the movie - be it a secondary or main character. They have their motives, they have their personality and several minor characters - like the "King of Redline" - the winner of all recent Redline races, often steal entire scenes when they're on screen. Each character, from our main lead to those who appear briefly, are not much by themselves. But their combination, provide the movie with an amazing, full of life and dynamic setting that viewers will be pleased to see.

Finally, there's the need to talk about Redline's key factor for its success: If you were to describe this movie to somebody, describing all the plot from the start to its ending, it wouldn't be much. But what Redline does, it does so in style. I'm willing to compare this movie to Gurren Lagann.

It's visuals are mind-blowing. The action is non-stop. The soundtrack is amazing. This is about characters trying to fulfill their dreams, about a race that gives the middle finger to a nation's sovereignty, saying screw you, trying to win no matter what. And it's very, very cool while showing all that.

Redline is an epic movie. It's a feast for your eyes, and a very good way to spend your next 100 minutes. Go download it, it'll be worth it.

4/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
9/10 overall
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