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King of Thorn

Jan 3, 2011

King of Thorn: "Pretty much meh, but still enjoyable"


The plot revolves around a certain virus, called "Medusa", which makes all victims end petrified, that is spreading throughout the world. A pharmaceutics company has been kind enough to give 160 people the chance to live - by freezing their bodies for years. This company is under investigation by several governments, under the suspicion that it might have in fact developed "Medusa" itself, and thus all this is an act of bioterrorism. But don't let yourself be fooled, this is only a trick to get yourself interested in the movie. It plays absolutely no role in the rest of the film.

These people will be unfrozen when a cure for the disease has been found. Without spoiling more than the first minutes of the plot, everything goes wrong - everyone wakes up to find the facility abandoned, and huge monsters start massacring the newly awaken. As such, the journey to get out of the cursed castle begins - but is it worth it? Even if they managed to get out, they'll still die of the disease. Is there any salvation for these people?

Honestly, you won't even end caring. No, it's not only because you might start to feel sleepy halfway through the movie - it's because the plot itself decides that it's no longer relevant. Where there was a good chance for character development, is instead completely ignored. And when the opportunity for character development based on this appears, it is instead substituted with a whole change of direction. The movie decides halfway that it is better to abandon everything it's built so far (escaping the facility) and instead base the plot around the main character's sister. And the worse thing about this? Even if the plot in the second half of the movie makes no sense, it was still a good decision given  how the first-half plot was soon becoming unbearable.


While fluid at many times throughout the movie, there is an abundance and overuse of CGI effects. Bad CGI effects make the viewer realize that he's seeing CGI effects...and that kills immersion in the movie, simple as that. In some scenes, instead of caring for what's going on screen you'll only be able to care about how bad the animation is. So, despite some great animations here and there - I can't rate this more than a 7


No problems with the sound, it's great. It creates an atmosphere of despair, making good use of the background themes to help the viewer immerse in the movie and truly root for the characters while they are being prosecuted by monsters. Thus, a sharp contrast is created between the great soundtrack and the poor animation in certain scenes.


I believe a 7 is a good middle-ground. Basically, you've got everything from boring, plain two dimensional characters to some really interesting ones. The main character is the gem of this movie, with her being a plot device to reach the climax of the movie - as her character continues to develop and understand what's going on. Or perhaps, a better way to put it would be to say that the climax is reached through the understanding of events just before everyone is frozen. Because honestly, the character hasn't developed at all. But, while you watch this movie you'll be easily tricked and a growing interest for her character will emerge on viewers, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages? It makes the ending better. Disadvantages? It makes everyone else around her pale in comparison. "Everyone else" includes a old man who won't last long, a police officer, a kid who thinks this is all a game, a very strong guy, somebody who seems to know everything about the facility, and some woman who'll, for no reason really, start thinking of the kid as her own.


King of Thorn is not a bad movie, but it's also far from being memorable. It's enjoyable, a good way to kill time if you're bored, but don't fool yourself - it's nothing more than that. This movie will not reach anybody's "Best movies ever" list, and you'll probably start forgetting about it in a matter of minutes.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall

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Raitou Apr 3, 2011

really well written review, funny and easy to understand :) well done!

BigBadBagels Feb 1, 2011

Just watched this, and I have to say good point in this review. There's at least 2 major plot changes that happen throughout, and it's like, "well...what about the first one?" Fun to watch, but definitely lacking. Nice review!