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Guilty Crown

Feb 9, 2012

Ok, so lets start off with my first review :)

First of all i have to say that I realy try to be as objective as I can be and I don't want to compare Guilty Crown to other anime like Code Geass or Evangelion.

Story: So, the story really keeps me going from episode to episode. But it's just another Endzeit setting with slightly different triggers.

There's a bunch of researchers trying to get to the next stage of evolution. How they will accomplish this or why they need the Voids for this is still unknown. The Anime tries to submit a feeling that there's a big conspiracy behind this all centered around our Protagonists dead (or maybe living) father.

That's probably everything there is to say about the story. Nothing new or unheard of but a pretty good concept to capture some audience.

Animation: Everyone who has atleast watched the PVs or a Trailer knows that the Animations are top-notch. Some might even say that it's a shame they spend such a high budget on this "mediocre" story but this factor has no influence on the ratings.

Sound: I was looking forward to the OST more than to the actual anime (Hell yeah shipping takes forever....). Nothing to say here, ever since I saw Bakemonogatari i was a big supercell fan. I'm a little bit disappointed that they changed quite a bit but I still like their music (a good book, hot chocolate and supercell heals everything :D)

Characters: Don't... want... to...talk...about...the....characters....

Ok, the characters have everything they need. Design, development, everything is at hand.

BUT i really can't bring myself to say that the character cast is good in this show.

The Protagonists and Inoris change over the show fascinates me how screwed up a character cast could be. (Watch for yourself and judge, i can't stay objective on this one)

The side cast is filled with probably every stereotype from over the whole anime section.

Overall: It is in fact a pretty good show, but I can't understand how it got so much of a hype.

If you're ok with a character cast that can melt your brain and a story that keeps popping up with questions and never gives you answers go on and watch it.

I'll still watch it to the end just to get some answers out of the story, lets hope the ending makes up for the struggle through every episode.

6.5/10 story
9.5/10 animation
9.9/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.9/10 overall
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