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Hey! My names Sean XD and if your reading this, it means you're on my profile!, so do me a favour and send me a message so i know your there :)

Anyways, im 16 and a real addict to anime, I've watched over 350 anime by now and am really looking for alot more!

I've seen quite a few so if u send me a recommendation ill send you some as well!

If you know a good anime tell me! but keep it above 1995+I'm sort of picky when it comes to graphics :D

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What?! No manga ratings?

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zmalt Jun 3, 2009

Oh man, then you would absolutely hate the next season. It's so much more tragic. For some reason I like the romance in the animes I watch to be balanced with some tragedy. Any anime that can bring me close to tears is a winner for me.

zmalt Jun 2, 2009

My avatar's from CLANNAD: After Story (one of my fave's). Thanks for the recommendations, much appreciated! I'll be sure to watch Please Teacher right after I polish off the last bit of Kanon 2006.

zmalt Jun 1, 2009

As a romance anime fan myself, I'd love some recommendations. Hope to hear back from you soon!

guyverunit5 May 14, 2009

lol wat kind of recomendations, young padawan?

Tabatha Apr 26, 2009

That is kinda odd, the last episode is sooo good! Anyways let me know when you finish it =)