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UltraPj May 4, 2011

Before replying to your message, I'll say that you have a wonderful blog with stunning photographs (っ゚ω゚)っ. Recently, I have little free time and to stand next to your posts labeled "likes" is all that I still have time. In the future I wanted, to publish a couple of your pictures (of course with the link above to your blog, as I usually do in such cases). I am sure many of my readers, they would have liked, but since then I have a clear indication of the author and link to a blog, then you've found, would have new followers (っ^ω^)っ. So that thank you very much for the work done and these wonderful pictures ヾ(^ω⌒)ノ.

Now for the function of "Ask", I'm not using, and tell correctament disabled it because I do not have the physical capabilities to respond to all, and tembolee publish the answers in his blog ... I have a lot of followers and the problem still is that my friends will abuse this feature, in the end I can not answer everything, and if I will do so, then instead of the usual you have a blog, will be an endless tape responses. But like most thoughtful and dedicated followers you have found a way to write to me and made it the most correct way. I am, and on other resources to the system of correspondence, so I always answer you.

P.S. Please excuse me for a certain dullness of the text, I use a translator Google. P.P.S. A copy of this letter is sent to you at the mailbox, as well as the original text, can you find the best way to transfer ヽ(^。-〃)ノ.