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Princess Lover!

Mar 8, 2011

As this show sits in the echhi and harem genre, and seeing as how ive watched plenty of them, i must say that i was absolutely suprised by the first episode. I thought id stumbled upon a hidden gem within the genre. Our lead, Teppei, was not the usual shy boy, and had his own problems to deal with, we immediately had a bit of drama, and suprisingly the action wasnt bad with quite fluid animation, and Charlotte, our first heroine, was suprisingly quirky. Given this, i was quite excited.

And this quality extended to the second episode. Then it got wose. Never bad, so much as not being as good as these first episodes. For a while, the plot seemed to be forgotten, as we followed the general cliches of the genre, including the all-important hot springs episode (although it managed to be quite funny, particularly with its reference to one of my favourite anime, Kaiji). During these episodes, the animation also dropped in quality. Some may argue that these eps were important devlopment for the characters for later/ more plot important parts of the show, but thats still no excuse for its drop in quality.

The plot kicks back into action with the 8th episode, and the plot itself is quite good. But what really hurts the show and its story, is quite possibly one of the worst villians i can recall. Not so much his character, but his motivation for what his doing. Quite simply "I got caught pickpocketing and was insulted by the guy that caught me, so i decided to take everything from him", has to be the lamest motive in history. It would have been better off to keep his motives in the dark.

The cast did quite a good role with the characters voices, but nothing truly outstnding. Similarily the OP and ED are nothing special.

This show has a lot going for it, a protagonist that you can actually support, good heroines (well, Charlotte and Silvia anyway, the others are so-so) and some good animation. But a weak antagonist and a dependence on genre cliches during its middle part hurts it. Id still recommend a watch for those who ejoy the genre.

6.5/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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