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I am a bilingual/bicultural/workaholic mutt who likes learning new things but doesn't know how to cut back to accomodate these new interests.

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lorna Sep 11, 2009

hiya... i think we've got something in common...cause we both like vexille,ghost in the shell & appleseed...what do you think of Appleseed Exmachina?

Ajna Feb 2, 2008

Another absolutely not worthy worshipper drops by to burn some incense in your honour°°°/!!!

All hail run-sama°°°/!!!

Reawen Dec 7, 2007

Every time I see your avatar, I really like it... although I don't know who it is ^_^  I also like the bio - I believe the workaholic part, with all that you do! I see your name everywhere! 

I must admit, I feel a little intimidated leaving a comment on your profile. Haha, somehow I'm getting "I'm not worthy" vibes! But I've seen your avatar several times on the random users page, and I thought it was about time I just dropped by to say hi and thanks for all the hard work (subbing, and also in the forum here).