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Hi, My name's Rowan. I'm 16 years of age and heading to enter 6th in my school (or if I really have failed my GCSE's. Tresham here I come!!) I have a sad tendency to be a failure at grammar and spelling but with my human spell checker friends, we shall prevail!

When it comes life I am an amazing procrastinator.  I can sit here with beauty of a laptop named Morphis either listening to music or playing on emulators (shush ;P.) I hang out with my friends on weekends but you couldn't consider me to be a popular girl but I do have my fair share of people I get on with.

For me, I love to read manga, watch anime and live it. Everyday has anime involved for me be it watching a few openings on youtube to reading an entire series on mangafox. Every day I imagine myself to be in anime universe full of times of fun and adventure but then I wind up back here in my maths classroom feeling utter boredom.

My dream is to make my own anime when I'm older, I have so~ many idea's right now but no real software to practise so for christmas, I'm going to get a Graphics tablet and hope by the end of next year I'll have my first animation.

I go on this site a lot and mark whatever anime/manga I want to read/watch and maybe one day in the future I'll bother to actually do it xD

When it comes to genre's my only answer I can really give is 'Something that's good.' Seriously, my top 3 animes are;

1, Death Note

2, Clannad: After Story

3, Elfen Lied


Although Death Note and Elfen Lied are simular with their very dark themes, they are still pretty vast from eachother. So yes, I'm a variety girl.

There is one thing I like, something with plot/story. I mean REALLY good plot. Yes, I can enjoy the odd episode of titles such as 'Excel Saga' and 'Bo Bo-Bo'. Hell, I LOVED Lucky Star. It was one of the funniest animes I had ever watched but nothing like that can get higher than a 7/10 for just because it doesn't effect me or make an impact on me.

So, that's a little about me. As an anime/manga fan I have so much of a way to go before I can be a true fan but until that day comes, keep sending me those recomendations.

Also, I plan on bringing out a review once a month (once I become an official) so if you want me to review something (even something I haven't watched/read) and I'll do my best for you.


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Stive says...

I have no idea how i got it

but i'm pretty sure it's for watching


because when i set it to watched the badge poped up

Jan 6, 2013
ElbaneIII says...

Completly agree about the noses in Jyu Oh Sei by the way, ahh... They anoyed me so much.

Jun 12, 2012
AnimeFreak127 says...

What was B Gata H Kei manga like??

Mar 28, 2012
ItsumoHitori says...

whoop whoop

Jan 23, 2012
Bramblestar says...

I'll watch that, then. It's still a great idea. :D

Good luck!

Nov 24, 2011