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I am a complete Otaku Geek! if i'm not watching anime.. I'm reading Manga, if im not reading Manga.. I'm playing visual novels... If i'm not playing visual novels i'm kissing my one piece posters of luffy.. if i'm not doing that... I'm taking selfies of me and my Anime action figures!.. if i'm not doing that... I'm dancing in my Batman underwear.. if i'm not doing that.. i'm sleeping and dreaming of ME in a anime! ... if i'm not doing that... You get my point...?! I'm so glad your on my profile! It makes me happy..! My name is Rosi but you can call me Rosichan ( I think it's cute being called Rosichan! :o) I started anime when i was..... ^.^ i don't even know.. All i rememeber is me watching yu-gi-oh and Pokemon and Dragon ball... Sitting on my princess chair(I still have it in my closet) watching it while eating frosty flakes.. A beautiful life i had.... ^.^

My favorite Anime is......

These animes are my favorite ^.^..... Well one piece is my favorite, favorite.. But if i could choose a second anime, Fairy Tail is second. The characters on both these animes are Amazing...! I just love them... and how they act! Luffy is just like me.. ^.^

if you need any reommandation, you know where to text...! If you need a friend.. You know where to press.. Dont be shy ^.^ I won't bite you unless your bacon..! Trust me :3

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Sianeka May 14, 2014

I haven't heard back from you about the A-P Welcoming Committee yet, so I'll add you as a Club Supporter. Feel free to get back to me if you'd like to change your status in the club to something else!

Sianeka May 13, 2014

Hi rosichan! In case you haven't gotten to the forums yet, here is the information kynz was telling you about:

The Anime-Planet Welcoming Committee is here to greet and help out new members.

We feel that a cheerful and friendly greeting to a member just joining the site will help that member feel more at home on the site, thus encouraging said new member to stick around longer and participate more here! It also gives the newbie a contact person they can turn to if they have any questions.

If you like the idea of helping the A-P community out and helping out new members, then WECO may be the club for you! There are two membership levels:

Club Supporters - If you think that a club that greets new members when they join the site is a good idea, then you are a Club Supporter! That's all that is needed! There is no work involved, and no further obligation! Just let me know you think the club is a good idea, and I'll add you as a Club Supporter.

Greeters - If you can commit to greeting new members every day, and commit to responding to anyone that comments on your profile page, then we would LOVE to have you join us!

Greeters are assigned a set number of newbies to greet per day (and YOU decide how many you wish to greet - your workload can be adjusted whenever needed) and they are responsible for posting a friendly welcome comment on those new members' site profile pages. And if a member posts a comment or question back, the WECO club member must respond to that posted comment. (We have answers to commonly asked questions and other resources to help you with these responsibilities.)

[COLOR="Indigo"]There are a couple of ways you can get involved, depending on how much time you are able to donate.

1. No time commitment:  Let me count you as a Club Supporter, which simply lists you as someone in favor of the idea behind the club. There is NO WORK INVOLVED AND NO OBLIGATIONS TO DO ANYTHING FURTHER.

2. Beginning commitment as a Greeter:  You agree to greet a minimum number of  new members on your assigned days - usually every day.  (I will provide a daily list of assignments to all club members, and you greet your assigned member by posting a Welcome comment on their profile page.) You also commit to respond back to that member if they post a comment on YOUR comment page.  (YOU can custom create a level here, with # member greetings and days that meet your availability.) Minimum commitment is 5 greetings one day per week.

3. 10 mins- 30 mins/day commitment:  You agree to greet 10+ members (as assigned) every day, and respond back to them if they post a comment to you.

If you are interested in any of these options, please get back to me and let me know. I would really love to have you involved!!

Note that if you want to be Supporter, you will not need a Forum account, but if you decide to be active as a Greeter, a Forum account would be very helpful for you to have, as kynz noted to you.  If you need/want help setting one up, just let me know.

KeiNiwa May 12, 2014

Hello there! Welcome to A-P! ^_^

jwilkinson20 May 11, 2014

Yes it's me! Thank you very much >///<

AngelBeatsYui May 11, 2014

Well it is one of the club's on the forum for can join however you may have to wait until all the currently airing anime has finished...Well anyway, it is a lottery of anime for certain seasons, these are all anime that can potentially be really bad as some people have found out! If you want to join like I sad you might have to wait a bit but if you just post on the club's wall I am sure they will let you in when the next event/season starts!