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NekoOrihime May 21, 2012

"it will save you the embaressment"

Like I said, elitist behaviour. Why would I be embaressed for stating my opinion. An opinion can't be wrong, sure it can be weak and mis informed but not wrong.

I just don't like your negative attitude, some might think that's cool or quirky, but I choose to focus on things I like, not things I dislike.

By stating almost the exact same opinon on both review you just show that because you think it sucks, everyone else who does like it is dumb, and you are somehow smarter than everyone.

Seriously, stop with the negative attitude it will make you a much more like-able person to others.

Everyone has the right to voice their opinions in reviews, everyone has other opinions on what's fanservice or not, that doesn't give you the right to moan in their faces because you think you are right.

I don't want any pointless internet argument, I just felt you were a little too harsh.

AironNeil May 19, 2012

That's probably true being that receptiveness of the whole thing is obscene, but the 2nd arc, as a whole, is the highest point of the whole series and probably the main reason a lot of people like/liked it.

Kaorichaos May 17, 2012

Hahaha you know what you are absolutely right. I was looking at that again (it was an old review) and it was incredibly presumptuious of me to say it was one of the better ones at the time since back then i hadn't seen any others. It deffinately is the black sheep as far as Gundam series goes when you stand them up next to each other. Though i think as a stand alone series not assosciated with the others it can still be enjoyable. Thanks for your comment.

Neane1993 May 16, 2012

Indeed, thanks for that.

By the way, are there any Summer 2012 anime that you are looking forward towards watching?

Seriously, this upcoming season looks like a barren landscape so far.

RoBorg May 16, 2012

De Gustibus...

Anyway the tsundere you mention in fact slightly differs from the standard one that reamins cold to the protagonist until late...

And the battles, well I think they're cool :)

Still, neither the battles nor Shana's tsundere "jokes" as you named them are the main theme of the anime.

Differently from a lot of other anime, where only 3-4 of them have an important part in the story, here a lot of characters actually face their problems, a lot of them change, evolve. It's not only a matter of Shana and Yuuji. I've given a look to your review, and you mention people that "see the tree and miss the forest" (cit.) when highly evaluating this anime, and if I may, you also are part of them, as you do not even consider anyone else of the huge cast of this anime in your review :)

If it where only Shana and Yuuji battling out, I would agree with your "average" jusdjement :) Still there are a lot of other aspects in all the other characters, humanoids or not ;)

You have all the rights to say that you did not like it. But you cannot say to others "you must hate it". Everyone has its own tastes.

See you!