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PlatapusSpasmAK47 says...

I actually have heard of Kaiji, I just never really got around to watching it. I only recently started watching anime out of different genre's (I previously stuck with sci-fi and slice of life) so I'll probably get around to it once I finish all the shows I'm watching now. Thanks for the recommendation!

May 7, 2012
Satsugai says...

It seems we have a difference of opinion. That happens from time to time. You seem to be the type to be very critical of your anime, as you have never given a 5 star rating to any anime you've reviewed on anime-planet. I, however, watch anime because I enjoy it. In that mindset, my ratings are based off how much I enjoyed it. 1 star = hated. 2 stars = didn't like. 3 stars = liked. 4 stars = really liked. 5 stars = loved.

Your comment makes me wonder if you took the time to actually click on my name and see what I found enjoyable, for a quick comparison of our tastes. I'm inclined to think that you posted without taking the 2 seconds it would have taken to answer your own question. Either way, no hard feelings, and thanks for taking the time to give your feedback to my review.

May 7, 2012
Otaku108 says...

I can't say responding to the comment you made on my review for Xam'd Lost Memories as "troll review is troll" is a good idea since the review was positively glowing by comparison to the reviews I've trashed various popular titles on. I guess I'm trying to figure out if you misunderstood the review, didn't agree with it at all, or you yourself are just trolling (hence my hesitance to even reply).

Fact remains, the title in question was given 4/5 Stars, a score of 9.5/10, and is currently part of my Top Anime List.

Finally, after looking at some of your other comments on various profiles I'm more inclined to believe you're just trolling yourself, which is sad but thems the breaks. If you're not trolling and have just misunderstood by all means ask, if you are trolling my response is "umadbro?".

May 6, 2012
NerdFail says...

okay i see. Well then from your perspective I can see why you thought the show was quite brainless. But yeah, like you said, when I watched this show (and any other show for that matter) I tended to try and read in between the most vaguest of lines and then analyze what it could mean, regardless of whether or not these "subtle hints" were intentional. But yeah, I agree that it may not have been elaborate, such as Monster or Death Note (on the fence with Death Note imo), but I personally don't think a show needs to be elaborate to be enjoyable. I mean, shows like Monster and Death Note are really enjoyable because of their psychological aspects and meticulous scripting, but in my opinion, shows that aren't so driven in these aspects can still be very enjoyable. Sure it won't tickle your brain as much, but you can still find enjoyment in watching them. I mean, if that weren't the case, then most shows that were extremely successful would have been flops. But I suppose that's where our opinions differ. In the end, I get where you're coming from, but in the end, I feel like you're being too critical on a show that's not meant to be elaborate. I personally refer to these types of shows as fake intelligence, because while they do try to put in a few "smart" cues, they don't attempt to consistently maintain it throughout every detail of the show.

May 6, 2012
kio3459 says...

nah.. LOL.. im sure i like a lot animes that you like.  Dude, i told you that i agree with your reviews 80-90 percent of the time. I even defend you on "another" anime review even though i didnt agree with your grade... Its just.. com'on..  You dont like a lot of animes.. And you're pretty harsh... I apperciate your candid views and your reviews tend to be very detailed its just that sometimes you get "nit picky".. You should know better then any one, when you watch 100 or so animes you'll notice the cliches, storiy line/plots that have been copied, similar chart designs.. but thats the way everything is.. (Movies, music, books.. ect).  Everything been done.  Im not saying its alright to blantaly copy an anime but when you go into an anime and start to look for things like that then its no fun to watch.

May 6, 2012