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Thrawn says...

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control could have been so much more, but it was still good in it's own right. I wouldn't call it a big mess but it was disappointing, I'll agree on that part, but the visuals and some of the cast helped save it.

And the ludicrious amounts of money thrown about.

Apr 27, 2012
kio3459 says...

look.. GC has its issues but how can you not be excited about the animation, music.. GC is pushing the limits in todays anime.  If you cant get excited about that, then you'll never appreciate what ainme is going to be in 10 yrs.. but enough of that.  I havent seen Code Geass but even if I have i have no problem with the original creator making another version of the show w/ different title.  Seems to me that everybody hates Guilty Crown for that reason.. That and the main character being a lot like shinji from EVA.  Plus the whole Macross frontier thing, they expected a concert/music video every ep or something.  If you love OST you'll love GC soundtrack. 

No im not saying 18 century literature.. im saying animes that you like have been inspired by animes from 10 or even 5 yrs ago.  Look i would love to sit here and research everything that you've seen and liked to prove it but in the end i believe that everybody likes what they like.  It all comes down to that.  I happened to see most of the animes you recently watched and i happened to agree with 90 perent of your reviews.  Phi brain sucks (people should play the drinking game while watching that.. every time they say puzzle they take a shot), Another was decent, Nisemonogatari I havent seen but im super excited about that one, i forget what other animes you recently reviewed but GC deserves a better score (but like i said i respect your review i just cant agree with you or all the haters).  I dont respect the haters who happen to be "sheep". I just seems like everybody is just hatin just cause everybody is doing and its cool.

Apr 26, 2012
kio3459 says...

sir, have you been drinking "hater-ade"?... I agree with 90 percent of your reviews but guilty crown?  Common.. I understand that its not that great and it had some problems (I feel like it deserves at least a 7-8/10)...  Most of your reviews state that its been done/its not original but everyting including Stories, movies, novels, anime has been done or inspired by something else.  Very few things are 100 percent original.. I promise you that.

Your top fav anime was copied/been done by something before that.  I respect your opinon and im here not to argue but if you go into anything whether you're watching a movie or anime and you go in with the thought that im sure its already been done/i've already seen something like this already and i hate it for that reason, you're going to not enjoy anything.  At least GC was done by the original creator.. Had it been done by some one else i would completely agree with you.. Its like hating Hans Zimmer for having the same melody in all his work.. or hating Ridley Scott for doing period pieces or scifi stuff..

Apr 26, 2012
eaper says...

They explained it in the anime? The money in the Financial district is the future of the person. Were all money to disappear, then the future would disappear.

As to the individuals- who would believe them? Anyways, they lost their "future," so they are pretty apathetic about life. They lost what is most important to them.

Apr 25, 2012
NerdFail says...

Here's the thing about this show. Although it does somewhat aim to have an intelligent aspect to it, you have to keep in mind that most of it is extremely loosely based realism, as with practically all anime, television shows, hollywood movies, and every other sort of entertainment media. This anime is definitely not even aiming to be realistic; it's just tries to make a few intelligent scenarios based off of fake physics.

But anyways, you said you wanted me to point out something I thought was wrong, but I'll do you 4 better. Firstly you pointed out the fact that the power ranger guy made a future recording saying he's going to die and that it's impossible. But again, this isn't meant to be realistic. For example take the people's cellphone diaries. How is it that they're future self can type into a diary saying that they're already dead? Or how can someone write into a scroll that they're already dead? This (and the kid's picture diary) works off of the same logic. His diary is a tape recorder, and even though it doesn't realistically make sense for a dead man to make voice recordings, without it, the entire idea behind this anime would be impossible. Then you have the point about the protagonist finding the important ball thing. One thing you didn't seem to realize though is that the protagonist never realized the importance of that ball. He only happened to find it by complete chance and decided to use it as a diversion. There's nothing to indicate that he did actually know that it was important to her. Thirdly, @the point about the kid being able to trick them, you have to remember that all diary users are capable of changing the future. So even though Yuki could look at his diary to see what would happen next, the little kid could also look at his diary and change the future that was originally foretold. Then the point about them going back to school without anyone caring about a thing; they've already gone out of their junior high by this point and are just entering high school (they're new school). So of course, it's been a while since that incident (people have moved past it), and chances are most of the students weren't even involved (apart from kousaka). The police didn't question them because the "lead investagators" of the units already knew of their circumstances (through Kurusu). Lastly you can't just say that all students are followed by gossip, especially students who know almost zero people in the entire school. Besides, Kosaka did give away that he caused the school bombing near the beginning of class. The last point I'll criticize is the point of Hinata going through with that elaborate plan and not breaking his phone. She was not part of the game, and her goal of that entire elaborate plan was not so that she could destroy Yuki's phone. She had only done all that because she was trying to get rid of Akise because her father was trying to get out of the game, but Akise's snooping around their residence made her father believe that he was another diary owner trying to kill him. Yuki's involvement in that incident was just to be bait for Akise.

Apr 25, 2012