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RingoStarr1991 says...

Lol at Sothis

May 3, 2012
eleniyo1992 says...

I prefer PSP OST most! Xenogear is soooo old are they planning to remake it for PSP or PS3? What is about? Evangelion never planning to be religious though, as they were using christian names mostly because they were sounding cool. Or at least this is what I read.

Apr 30, 2012
eleniyo1992 says...

I think Persona 3 is more my likes, Persona 2 needs PS2 right? As I don't own one will be difficult to play it. I own P3 for PSP, as I heard is better than the PS version

Apr 30, 2012
Melourn says...

HEY. Don't you dare blaspheme against Bleach. Even if they DO have a ton of filler episodes and Ichigo Kurosaki always gets beat down before he powers up.

I could care less how many words are in a review- if you had one. You aren’t' a reviewer. You, sir, are a critic. You whine and complain about who made the anime because you don't like their style, you talk down about artists work that you couldn't recreate properly if you traced it, and you down-right make fun of everything that you don't like. I never said you were a reviewer, I said you weren't one. I said there's a difference between reviewing and criticizing.

I never implied that all anime have the same story. I said that no anime has a unique story anymore. You really like attempting to twist my words.

Obviously it isn't true that everyone disagrees with me. I don't even need proof of that load of a statement.

"And even if that is the definition of epic..."

Even if? USE A DICTIONARY for crying out loud. Of course it's the definition of epic.

"...where exactly is the poetic part in a mediocre shounen?"

I don't believe I found it mediocre. I believe I said it was epic. I mentioned before that the story itself spans a thousand years. If a thousand years isn't an epic, then Batman wore red and blue tights. WHY? BECAUSE HE'S BATMAN!

I wouldn't call Katanagatari epic at all. I would called it an awesome stylized action- adventure anime. As far as Hyouge Mono goes, I haven't seen it yet, but it's on my W2W list, so thanks for that, I guess.

I am certain that I have shown that I DO know the meaning of epic and whilst I AM using it correctly, you, most certainly, are not. On this note, I am finished. Any of my words which you wish to twist or whatever, go right ahead. I won't pay any attention to your comments henceforth. I have more important things to do, like watching The Knight in the Area or re-runs of Enterprise. OH NO! The forbidden Live Action SciFi jutsu! Hahaha!

Seriously. I'm done with your foolish replies and  criticisms of my personal tastes and opinions.

Apr 30, 2012
eleniyo1992 says...

Fair enough, considering you've watched quite a lot of anime. 

After reading some of your reviews, I can now understand your point of view on anime. You keep yourself cold-hearted and you're searching for something new and fresh. You 're sick of anime that repeat a motif and they're using the same old cliche over and over again. Also your age witness how you see love and life in real life, that's why every time you see a romance anime you suspect the "fountain of love". Well played my friend, well played.

Apr 30, 2012