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RoBorg says...

De Gustibus...

Anyway the tsundere you mention in fact slightly differs from the standard one that reamins cold to the protagonist until late...

And the battles, well I think they're cool :)

Still, neither the battles nor Shana's tsundere "jokes" as you named them are the main theme of the anime.

Differently from a lot of other anime, where only 3-4 of them have an important part in the story, here a lot of characters actually face their problems, a lot of them change, evolve. It's not only a matter of Shana and Yuuji. I've given a look to your review, and you mention people that "see the tree and miss the forest" (cit.) when highly evaluating this anime, and if I may, you also are part of them, as you do not even consider anyone else of the huge cast of this anime in your review :)

If it where only Shana and Yuuji battling out, I would agree with your "average" jusdjement :) Still there are a lot of other aspects in all the other characters, humanoids or not ;)

You have all the rights to say that you did not like it. But you cannot say to others "you must hate it". Everyone has its own tastes.

See you!

May 16, 2012
Neane1993 says...

I see that you are making some people here angry, I have 2 questions, is the list of manga on your myanimelist account all the manga you have read, and also: What religion do you belong to? Or if not, what do you believe in? I read your life stuff on animelist and I am wondering a bit.

May 15, 2012
FreddyCrab says...

''crappy harem/gore that was Elfen Lied'' and ''best mahou shoujo/pop idol anime'' are facts then? :L They sound like opinions to me.

I won't carry this on after this, but look at which one is rated highest on the Anime-Planet database. I'm not saying this place's word is law- it hardly is anyhting near to it, but it reflects general opinion :L

And I could have rated Full Moon a LOT worse. I gave it 6.5, look at official reviews for it, didn't one of the experienced official reviewers give it a 2.5? I LOVE Full Moon. I do. I just prefer the manga. :)

May 13, 2012
FreddyCrab says...

Wow, didn't realise my Full Moon wo Sagasite review would irritate anyone so much >.<

As for episodes being fillers- you do most likely have a better idea, after all, you've watched the whole show I presume :) 

I personally disliked the songs, but I feel you can't really have a bit of a nag at me for disliking them, although I see your point at how they could be a lot worse. And yes, dancing I expected, but the dancing? I was like they were puppets, the dancing wasn't flowing and I just thought it looked very odd I'm afraid :S

I'm sorry I rated Elfen Lied higher because I enjoyed it more....? :S Yes, I do like stories with darker tones, we just have different opinions. If you rate Elfen Lied low and Full Moon high, I can't say I'd exactly complain to you about it. Elfen Lied's plot isn't dumb, not to me anyway. You can think that if you want to, I don't want an arguement >< But the opinions you feel you seem to like enforcing onto others a bit too much. My reviews are just my own opinion, no one need take them to heart.

Thankyou and good day :)

May 13, 2012
TheStampede01 says...

I didn't want to confuse people with the whole manhwa or manga thing, its just called different things depending on what country it is (alot of people in NA still call manga comics). I know the author is Korean and he uses Korean names in the manga(manhwa), but the publishing company and editor is actually Japanese. So it gets published in Japanese first, then it gets translated in Korean. I deffinetly feel like manhwa would be more appropiate in this particular case though, considering a lot of the manga(manhwa) is based on Korean mythology and legends, but again I just wanted to avoid confusion.

May 11, 2012