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eaper says...

In regards to your post on my C review- how did the story not make sense? It made perfect sense.

Apr 22, 2012
shatnershaman says...

Mmm, quite.

I think it ("review") fits the show and is a good guide to see if you want to watch it or not. Which yes, means Mirai Nikki is totally shallow and about Yuno being Yuno (which you noted in your review as well).

So yea, fun troll show deserves fun troll review :P

Apr 21, 2012
kiminosan01 says...

As written, I did say that it was not a normal review and yes i did deliberately exagerrate it so it is more bias towards the anime. The whole point of this particular review was that it was to persuade people to not judge the anime before they consider not to watch it by stating the common objections and the reasons why it shouldn't stop them. (and btw i'm a fangirl...) If i was going to write about the pacing and production, it would have made sense for me to write fully about the story, sound, characters, animation and etc. ¬_¬

Apr 21, 2012
PlatapusSpasmAK47 says...

To be honest, I didn't really care about seeing how the puzzle was solved. I know they took the easy way out and just made Kaito have epiphanies, and yeah that's almost like cheating, but it didn't really affect my personal viewing experience, though I guess it probably could bother others. But I see where you're coming from.

Apr 18, 2012
HelterSkelter says...

OMG, you are everywhere. How do you manage to keep track of so many accounts?

Loved your Mirai Nikki rev.

Apr 18, 2012