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Yuken May 25, 2012

Heh, going through some posts on AnimeSuki and other various sites I can already spot a few poor logical arguments I can use to call you out on your bias to dismiss your idea of facts. Just looking at one example here,

"This is Devil May Cry meets Naruto. And since I don't like those two shows and the manga is on-going, chances are they will make an anime-only storyline that will end rushed and bizarre. i don't expect something good out of this."

^ You using your personal opinion to compare DMC and Naruto to Blue Exorcist. BUT THEN!

"And as for all of you who were trolled to believe Madoka is to mahou shojo what Neon Genesis is to mecha… wake up."

So, it's okay to compare DMC and Naruto to Blue Exorcist but not Eva and Madoka? How absolutely bias is that? You state what you think and dismiss all other opinion besides your own. I personally believe that the previous statement is a good description. You just want to downplay Madoka being compared to Eva. You want people to realize that Madoka is inferior to Eva in it's thought provoking story and philosophical ending. I agree that Madoka isn't anywhere close to Eva in philosophy, but that is not the point. You just don't see that. You can't.

I can continue and argue various comments you've made on series or inconsistency with what you say. I can provide examples of bias that you impose and how you use it to make your points. What good does that do? It would change neither your perception of your logic nor others opinion of it. There is little point to debating such things. Rather, I wonder why you feel that things need to be certain ways. Making you understand why you feel a certain way is more valuable than debating about facts, which can be debated only through bias. Applying standards to art is bias. If you disagree then well, I don't really know how to react to that.

Yuken May 25, 2012

Also, when you used the word epitome it reminded me of this:

Oh you two, so similar. You can't see that though.

Yuken May 25, 2012

You know what people do when they are losing arguments? They try to change the main focal point of the argument all together in an attempt to come back and make a point. I don't fall for that shit, sorry.

I don't debate facts. There are no facts. The only fact here is that you haven't read anything I've said. Tell me why I should even consider thinking that your opinions are fact. Go back and do that and then maybe I will respond to your opinions with my own.

Here's a friendly piece of advice though, just from one debater to another. Both of us probably want people to open up and accept our ideas, right? Who do you think most people will open up to and accept? You or me? It's not always about being right or wrong. If you want people to see you, you have to connect with them. No matter who you debate and whether you win or lose, the idea is that you want to connect other people to that idea. If you can't do it in a way that isn't insulting of other views or degrades others values then you will never be able to impose your viewpoint on anyone other than people just like yourself.

Respond to the following questions. If you can't do even that then I won't give you the time of day.

1) Why do you think you have such an extreme viewpoint of good and bad? Do you feel that having good or bad definitions limit society? Why or why not?

2) Why do you enjoy logic and reason? Is it because you need to make sense of the world around you? Or, is it because you feel as though you want to be above those that cannot apply logic to certain things.

3) Is logic and reason more important than emotion? Do you ever consider feelings to be below logic in determining the value of something?

Here is a very very simple example of what I'm trying to convey to you.

For me: Logic + Feeling = Reason

For you: Logic - Feeling = Reason

Answer my questions. If you try to deviate from the focal argument again with "facts" and "logic" then I'll dismiss you as a troll and move on.

Yuken May 25, 2012

You just don't get it. You don't. I'm not here to argue with bias. So what if I don't use bullet points. Does that discredit what I've said? Does not using a standard form of communication really dismiss any point I have? Bias, of the absolute variety.

Look, I'm not interested in arguing with whether or not a show is better than any other show. There is little point in doing so. People perceive shows as being better than others for different reasons. I would argue my points based on my bias and you would argue your points based on yours. There is little gain in that.

Take my advice. Look at what you are saying. You are rationalizing everything. You aren't reading what I'm saying at all. You are dismissing everything I have to say and using your own bias as the core of your argument.

"Now I am pitiful? Ok then, let's leave aside this rhetorical mambo jumbo and let's have the facts doing talking." No facts, only bias. But here, let me address your main questions and points.

1) I'm not even going to address Geass vs FMA. I disagree with you so drastically on this subject that it's not even worth mentioning. But do you see how I don't automatically tell you that you are wrong? Do you see how I simply accept that you feel that FMA was better? I disagree with what you've stated, but I do not say you are wrong because of it. We perceive things differently. That is all.

2) I enjoyed Evangelion far more than Mirai Nikki. I did overrate Mirai Nikki, but that's probably because I read the manga prior to watching the anime. The animation of MN was pretty but inconsistent. They altered or removed specific things from the manga and made it feel slightly different. Sure. But overall, it was a pretty decent series. Worthy of 3.5 in my eyes.

I hadn't glanced at my bias of the series for whatever reason. If you look at my Top 10 Eva is ranked at 10 where as Mirai Nikki is absent. Research man research. You clearly don't do enough of it. Why am I to take what you say as fact when you clearly just state what you think without fully analyzing? Jumping to conclusions based on your ideals. You are blinded by these ideals.

3) Yes. This is why you can't see what I'm saying. You can't accept you are wrong. You are right in all cases. Stop getting angry that people disagree with you. It's okay to disagree. Nothing to disagree with you say, I disagree with quite a lot of your reviews actually. You sound so heated here though, so I'll leave it at that

4) "10 is something you give to a show without fillers and a solid ending like FMA" Why?

Here, I'll make it easier for you to understand. -- "FMA's ending was disney. Are you on drugs? You're totally and completely wrong here! Naruto is soooo much darker than FMA they kill main characters. FMA is afraid to kill characters therefore Naruto is better!" - Would be a response some fanboy of Naruto would try to use, but it's actually not unlike what you are stating.

You use bias of what you think is good and logically sound and make it an example of what should be. Why should it be that way? Because it makes sense to you? Absolute bias. Arrogance. The cancer that kills all free thought. How pitiful.

5) Excuse you say? People use excuses to disagree with your thought process? I see, well...I dont' really know what to say to this. I've stated it over and over. You just keep rambling on and on about excuses and other various terms to describe those that have a difference in opinion and perception. Your biased opinions of good and bad mean nothing to me. Your idea that everyone must conform to your ideas is simply selflish and it is actually very demanding, I agree. I don't call your reviews out as shit or wrong. I agree with some I disagree with others. I don't make it a point to totally discredit you. Why do you? Are you so incapable of understanding that people perceive differently? How...immature.

6) What I'm about to state is my opinion but shoot, alright. Here's what I think. You probably do like anime. But you only like anime that you view as being worthy of you to watch. You don't like the actual idea of anime itself. Anime is a form of art. Art in itself is a mixture of ideas and concepts that people can interpret differently depending on their likes, dislikes, and general perception of things. You dislike the idea that people don't conform to this black and white idea of yours that everything must be analyzed and make sense. It must be good or bad. It must be of high quality or it should be discarded.

You hate it when you are called out on being wrong. You disqualify their opinion and call them ridiculous for not conforming to your black and white standards. Why? Why do you do this? I think it's likely because you have an internal need to be above others. I actually feel the same way if I'm being completely honest. But, I'm more mature than that. I realize that just because my perceptions and the ability to understand are above average that does not make my opinion or bias more valuable than any other persons.

If you cannot see what I'm saying by now, if you can't try to not look at everything as right and wrong, then I really don't see the point in continuing to discuss with you. You are the cancer that is killing originality and the idea of free thought. Any individual that thinks on such extreme levels is not worthy of praise in my eyes. Those that have the ability to rationalize but also understand the differences in individual perception are the ones that should deserve praise. You aren't even worth my time if you can't even look past your own bias.

Yuken May 25, 2012

Look at your responses. Do you see how you try to logically analyze everything and apply your bias to it? Again, there is really little point to argue if you aren't going to let go of your bias. If all you care about is winning, then I truly pity you. That is why you cannot ever hope to understand what I'm saying.

You claim doom and gloom. Bad! It's detrimental! We are killing the community! With little evidence to support your claim except your own bias. You have an idea of what should be and impose that on others. You are just as bad as Lelouch's father in Geass. Good intentions, no consideration of others. No respect for individual thought. 

This type of behavior can be seen in Bill O'Reilly. I bet you watch his show and support his claims without question. You two are so similar. You accept standards and systems without questioning whether they should even exist in the first place just because you need to sustain order in your head. 

"Just delete anything I worked on my whole life and which works fine for most people? Ain’t going to happen." See? Do you see my point man? Your ideas actually don't work fine for most people. Do you see how many people don't approve of your ideas? Your inability to even accept that you could possibily be wrong blinds you. You can't let go and try to accept other viewpoints. You absolutely have to have it your way. Do you see how ridiculous that is? Do you see how utterly ridiculous it is to impose your view on others?

If you make this about winning or losing, I don't care man you can take the win if it makes you feel better about yourself. But I really, truly pity you if you think of the world in such black and white terms to make it about black and white, right and wrong, proper and improper, and winning or losing. The world is not black and white. To enforce that idea is just wrong. Above all, to live life under such extreme terms would be just boring.