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Varagauzer says...

Seriously??How did that music even get popular??

May 24, 2012
Yuken says...

After reading some of your reviews and comment responses I thought I'd pop in and just put down some of my thoughts.

Firstly, I know exactly where you are coming from. I have a friend who is very similar to you in terms of thought process. Though, he is not nearly as extreme about his opinions and outward expression as you, certainly he shares the "90% of everything is shit" mantra. Usually I agree with him.

The big difference I think is that I've come to terms with mediocrity and imperfection. I've found that over the years asking for others to be as good as myself or go about life in as complex or as meaningful as a way I try to live is just asking far too much of others. It's interesting when I debate people who are clearly below me in intellect. No matter how much logic or how beautiful I connect my thoughts and words I cannot seem to get them to resonate with my thought process. It's the most frustrating thing.

This is why I've shyed away from being so extreme and demanding of others in life. It's just not a mode of living I feel comfortable with. Living life in constant disproval and hate isn't fun, nor is it really all that helpful. The only way to connect to people below yourself is to play at their level. That's the only real way to open them to acceptance of other beliefs or thoughts. They will never try to accept what they cannot understand.

So with all of that said I'd like to just conclude with, "Relax". There's no need to be so demanding or extreme about anything, anime included. To begin with, art is something that is very abstract. To place such terms and rules on it just seems so unfair, don't you think? People enjoy different things because they connect with specific ideas. That's what makes humans so interesting. Not one of us sees a piece of art in the exact same way. So to label everything as "shit" by your standards is only you trying to impose your thought process on others. I do not really approve of that. Everyone has bias and standards though, of course. But I make an effort to ask the question, "Why does this individual enjoy this show so much?" before I make a comment on why they've seem to overrate it. 

I hope I've at least made you ponder a little bit. Though, whenever I argue similarly with my friend he usually dismisses my ideas and tells me that I'm not a logical thinker and that I am extremely bias. Both of which are half true. I am not just a logical thinker, but also accept the fact that illogical thought is apart of who we are as human beings. Emotion is interesting, as is our perception and how we internalize ideas. I am bias, but I have accepted my bias because of my understanding of why specific things resonate with me. If we accept that everyone is bias, then isn't it a bit extreme to demand that others comform to just your bias and not their own?

May 24, 2012
Unclelucas says...

Not necessarily "rid of you" just was hoping I wouldn't have to encounter your reviews again. I respect that you're entitled to an opinion, but some of your reviews have turned me away from animes that I later went back to and found them not too bad... either way... I'll avoid any future contact. Enjoy your anime Mr.Roricon

May 23, 2012
Bestanimeserie says...

Well i reviewed it when i was watching the 5th episode and yes that counts as fanservice i might drop this serie after all =P

May 23, 2012
Bestanimeserie says...

Aha okay i get it we just only have diffrent opions well does not matter i'm 16 and you are 30 we just have diffrent taste's =P but you have some awesome reviews as well so thanks for that :D (oh and by the way i'm watching like the censored verion so yeah i did not see any naked girls =P

May 23, 2012