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NerdFail says...

okay i see. Well then from your perspective I can see why you thought the show was quite brainless. But yeah, like you said, when I watched this show (and any other show for that matter) I tended to try and read in between the most vaguest of lines and then analyze what it could mean, regardless of whether or not these "subtle hints" were intentional. But yeah, I agree that it may not have been elaborate, such as Monster or Death Note (on the fence with Death Note imo), but I personally don't think a show needs to be elaborate to be enjoyable. I mean, shows like Monster and Death Note are really enjoyable because of their psychological aspects and meticulous scripting, but in my opinion, shows that aren't so driven in these aspects can still be very enjoyable. Sure it won't tickle your brain as much, but you can still find enjoyment in watching them. I mean, if that weren't the case, then most shows that were extremely successful would have been flops. But I suppose that's where our opinions differ. In the end, I get where you're coming from, but in the end, I feel like you're being too critical on a show that's not meant to be elaborate. I personally refer to these types of shows as fake intelligence, because while they do try to put in a few "smart" cues, they don't attempt to consistently maintain it throughout every detail of the show.

May 6, 2012
kio3459 says...

nah.. LOL.. im sure i like a lot animes that you like.  Dude, i told you that i agree with your reviews 80-90 percent of the time. I even defend you on "another" anime review even though i didnt agree with your grade... Its just.. com'on..  You dont like a lot of animes.. And you're pretty harsh... I apperciate your candid views and your reviews tend to be very detailed its just that sometimes you get "nit picky".. You should know better then any one, when you watch 100 or so animes you'll notice the cliches, storiy line/plots that have been copied, similar chart designs.. but thats the way everything is.. (Movies, music, books.. ect).  Everything been done.  Im not saying its alright to blantaly copy an anime but when you go into an anime and start to look for things like that then its no fun to watch.

May 6, 2012
NerdFail says...

lol wow okay, I was planning on not responding, but your post seriously pissed me off. Honestly, I was just trying to put things past. I disagreed with you, and you disagreed with me, and I was completely fine with that. I stated why I believed you came to the conclusions you came to, and I tried to be as respectful as possible in doing so. But what you said near the end of your last response was completely unneccessary and uncalled for. I only wanted to stop responding because I felt like this could go back and forth forever, but if you wish to continue, then so be it.

"I am assuming what the show is telling me. If there is a thing called the police, i will assume it is like my own police, unless stated to be a completely different task force with its own in-laws......It was never explained if the police did something different than our polise so of course the viewer assumes the obvious. So as you can see, I am right and you are wrong."

Firstly in a matter of opinions, there are no rights and wrongs. There are only things you should avoid doing, such as making baseless assumptions. Now like I've said for the umpteenth time, while it may be a police, you cannot assume that the police acts the same way as your own police. I mean, heck, the police of different nations in real life act very differently. Therefore you cannot just assume that the police will act in the same way as your police do. For all you know, there could be a police force in the world that doesn't bother to contact the parents if the child was in some kind of trouble but was then saved (hypothetically speaking; I'm not saying such a police force exists).

And again, like I stated, while they did not very specifically state "we are a special police force and we handle things differently than a police force in real life", such specific indications aren't necessary. Why? Because by observing how the police in this anime acts, we can determine these things for ourselves. At no point in the anime are we shown that the police contacts the parents of a child that was in some sort of danger. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that such is not a custom of theirs. If the police did contact the parents at some point in the anime, then your statements would be justified as they are contradicting themselves. However, because their actions consistently show that they don't attempt to make parental contact unless absolutely necessary, you cannot make the assumption that their police acts similarily to yours as they've done nothing to show that, but have done everything to show otherwise.

"He couldn't quit either and eventually it would be his turn to die. Not saving it."

Not exactly sure what you're trying to say as the last sentence doesn't really make sense, but I'll try and respond with what I do understand from it. When Yuki and Yuno first made the pact with Fourth, they did not know it was impossible for them to stop the game. And that was the reason why Fourth teamed up with Yuki (and indirectly Yuno); because he knew that Yuki also did not have the desire to be a god. He also knew that if they weren't capable of stopping the game, that he would want to eliminate the rest of the competitors with Yuki so that the person who becomes a god in the end would be one of them. Of course, this all changed after he learned that his son was terminally ill, and decided that he had to try and become the god.

"First you tell me not to assume anything and then you go on assuming all that crap. When I do it is wrong, when you do it is fine. Thanks for contradicting yourself."

I did not make any assumptions (at the very least in the two statements you pointed out). The only reason I made those statements were to simply elicit the possibility. In the first statement ("there's no telling that the police ever bothered contacting parents in the first place due to Fourth's influence.") I was simply stating that it would be impossible to say that the police actually told the parents in the first place because of Fourth's influence. Of course, it is possible, however there was nothing to suggest that they did so, and more to suggest that they didn't. It was only stated to show you that you cannot assume the police called their parents when nothing suggested such.

Then the next statement you pointed out ("It is possible that he did leave a few dogs in his house") was, once again, only stated to point out the possibility. You stated with certainty that Tenth did not leave behind any dogs to guard his house (though this time with some basis as Fourth seemingly got in very easily), however I suggested the possibility that he could have left behind dogs and that Fourth simply got past them. Whether or not either is true I cannot say. I suppose you could argue that it's a plot hole that the author should have filled in, but honestly, whether or not Fourth encountered any resistance when he entered Tenth's house is such a miniscule detail, that I personally don't see the need to answer it. Regardless of what may have happened in the instances before Tenth's assassination, in the end, all we really need to take from that is that Fourth was able to take out Tenth, and was also able to do so without being caught.

"I understand, you want to stop because you realized you are making a fool out of yourself for defending this bullshit series. Or am I assuming again too much? Ok, I will let you assume what you think is right since it appears you do it right and I am not."

I do not believe I'm making a fool out of myself in the least, and I don't think this series is bullshit at all. I believe that this is a great anime, and you have absolutely no right to say that I'm wrong. Similarily I have no right to say that you're wrong either, and I've tried to avoid doing so in all my responses. The only thing I've been trying to do is show you that you should avoid making baseless assumptions, and that all the assumptions you do make should be based off of what you are presented with in the anime. So if you are presented with a scenario where the police do not bother notifying parents about incidents there child was in, then you must conclude that such is the norm in this society.

However, I will admit that I may have been a bit aggressive in some of my posts, and so for that I will apologize. With that said, I still stand by everything I've said up till now. Anyways, let me know whether you care to continue this back and forth. I'm more than capable of continuing to do so, but we've come to a point where we both seem to not be able to agree with each other, and trying to make any more counter arguments to each other seems senseless (in my opinion). However if you wish to continue this back and forth, I don't mind wasting the effort.

May 4, 2012
IndependentSK says...

OK so far you have reviewed 14 anime with score over 8 and 3 over 9, that's not very generous.

Also, I would enjoy you reviewing (or making rants) on these anime:

Oreimo, some yaoi crap like junjou romantica, K-On or lucky Star

May 4, 2012
IndependentSK says...

Even though I mostly disagree with you, it's welcoming to see someone reviewing anime more objectively

P.S. Write some more positive reviews already!

May 4, 2012