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Bestanimeserie says...

Well i reviewed it when i was watching the 5th episode and yes that counts as fanservice i might drop this serie after all =P

May 23, 2012
Bestanimeserie says...

Aha okay i get it we just only have diffrent opions well does not matter i'm 16 and you are 30 we just have diffrent taste's =P but you have some awesome reviews as well so thanks for that :D (oh and by the way i'm watching like the censored verion so yeah i did not see any naked girls =P

May 23, 2012
Bestanimeserie says...

Of course i know what fanservice is but i did not see any naked girls in accel world and does a game needs to make sense? if you dislike the anime just don't watch it f everybody enjoys what he/she watchs what would it matter?

May 23, 2012
Mantis says...

Why are you so negative? I'm not meaning to troll. It's just a genuine question. If you rate the vast majority of anime negatively, why do you bother watching it? Think about it for a minute. Some reviewers have to review absolute stinkers, but they're usually doing it because it's their job; their profession. In your case... well, why?

I can only imagine it making you miserable. Especially given the near-six months you've spent wasting your time.

May 22, 2012
NekoOrihime says...

If people say the earth is flat then their opinion is misinformed due to science not knowing what we know now , in this day and age. People back then didn't know better. We do.

There's a difference between sucking up and just being nice. You appearantly so badly want to be right that you won't stop until you get it. Sorry, I think it's a bit sad, we're all fans here and everyone has their own tastes, why not just try to get along and stay away from people or shows we have nothing in common with.

Really you're 30 years old and you're acting like a 16 year old.

As I've said I tend to stay away from people I have nothing in common with so this will be my last comment.

May 22, 2012