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Pirosporos says...

Stop posting troll comments on other's reviews pls

May 25, 2012
Yuken says...

A) Then you don't understand the main focal point of the argument.

B) But, I like, totally don't think you are right and stuff.

C) Inferior in philosophy? Agreed. Inferior in enjoyment? Absolutely not. In my opinion of course.

D) Why do you hate this word so much? I don't think bias as a word is stupid. The fact that you hate it is actually, bias in itself. It is indeed impossible to have zero bias. But just because you justify it does not give you the right to claim your bias is the proper bias. It's like an argument of religion vs atheism. Everyone believes they are correct, but cannot really convince others that they are right. Arguing logic against belief is just two extreme thought processes that can't ever hope to come to agreement. Do you see why our discussion is similar?

1) You are stating that the truth of the matter is more important than how an individual came to such a conclusion. Where I might agree with truth being important, we will never actually get to the truth if we can't convince people to stop believing that the sun is green. They've been told this their entire lives, you know? How do you know you are right anyway? It's important to take a step down for these individuals and try to convince them otherwise. By your logic, the people that believe in such things aren't important to you. Would you then believe the world to be better if we ignored everyone unable to apply logic to idea? Is that really okay? It's like silent genocide.

2) You'll never make sense of people using logic. Humanity as a whole has done so many things and progressed as a civilization based on emotion. Everyones idea of logic and reason is different. That is why I don't think it is fair to try to make sense of it using my own standards of right and wrong. It's impossible for me to know how someone might perceive things. It's also equally impossible to tell them their perceptions are wrong.

3) Completely and utterly disagree with you.

4) You are just using yet another personal bias to prove why video 1 is better than video 2. You don't value opinion or thought that isn't logically sound and coherent. You want information to be logical and to make sense to you. You want everyone to be at your level and think in the same manner that you do. Why? Is it your misguided belief that the world would be a better place if everyone thought like you? Is it really so bad to let emotion take control of people? Is it really so bad for someone to be unable to apply your definition of logic to ideas?

Stop, just stop. We won't ever hope to convince each other of our viewpoints.

May 25, 2012
Yuken says...

If you think I'm dismissing the focal point of the argument you are wrong. I am merely trying to convey what I've thought from post one. 

1) You just used two different terms to describe the exact same thing. What? Arguments themselves are not pointless.

2) You didn't even try here. I won't accept that as an answer.

3) You didn't answer my question.

I don't apologize. If that makes you impose more bias on what I have said then I might apologize for that though

I don't get what you're trying to convey with the video links. Are you saying that the V for Vendetta video is how you feel? Calm and collected? Analytical? Are you stating that the raging individual in your second link is someone who has too much time on his hands? Seems like you are using bias to say one is better than another. Am I right to think that you feel that behavior in video 1 is better than video 2? I wonder why you think that is...

May 25, 2012
Yuken says...

Heh, going through some posts on AnimeSuki and other various sites I can already spot a few poor logical arguments I can use to call you out on your bias to dismiss your idea of facts. Just looking at one example here,

"This is Devil May Cry meets Naruto. And since I don't like those two shows and the manga is on-going, chances are they will make an anime-only storyline that will end rushed and bizarre. i don't expect something good out of this."

^ You using your personal opinion to compare DMC and Naruto to Blue Exorcist. BUT THEN!

"And as for all of you who were trolled to believe Madoka is to mahou shojo what Neon Genesis is to mecha… wake up."

So, it's okay to compare DMC and Naruto to Blue Exorcist but not Eva and Madoka? How absolutely bias is that? You state what you think and dismiss all other opinion besides your own. I personally believe that the previous statement is a good description. You just want to downplay Madoka being compared to Eva. You want people to realize that Madoka is inferior to Eva in it's thought provoking story and philosophical ending. I agree that Madoka isn't anywhere close to Eva in philosophy, but that is not the point. You just don't see that. You can't.

I can continue and argue various comments you've made on series or inconsistency with what you say. I can provide examples of bias that you impose and how you use it to make your points. What good does that do? It would change neither your perception of your logic nor others opinion of it. There is little point to debating such things. Rather, I wonder why you feel that things need to be certain ways. Making you understand why you feel a certain way is more valuable than debating about facts, which can be debated only through bias. Applying standards to art is bias. If you disagree then well, I don't really know how to react to that.

May 25, 2012
Yuken says...

Also, when you used the word epitome it reminded me of this:

Oh you two, so similar. You can't see that though.

May 25, 2012