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skolnikc May 31, 2012

That was actually a "bomb." Calling that a nuclear device is a bit much. But, I do agree with you, and that is what we call a plot hole. And, guess what? Every story ever created has them. From the greates novel, to a cheesy ass anime. I especially don't expect something that's over 10 years running, and 600 + chapters to be completely free of plot holes. However it does have a surprisingly few amount. Lastly, saying that something is completely illogical or constantly lacks realism, because of one plot whole; is also illogical as fuck.

bergdoll May 31, 2012

Nothing else? It worked all the way up until the end so I guess you are refering to that one mistake that ruined Yagami's plan, and if that's the case then I don't think it's too much to expect from Mikami to follow that simple order.

Hellzblade May 30, 2012

Well maybe i'm misjudging,everything you commented on was all negative nothing good about the shows c'mon when it comes to it theres gotta be at least something you like about it to keep watching it you should probably show it some more

skolnikc May 30, 2012

As I said before, any story Shounen or not hardly kill off their "main characters" before the half way pont, we still over half of the damn story to go. Again though, it's not like character deaths make a good story. They can make it worse technically, if it's to mindless or slopily placed. And if the "nuclear explosion" you're talking about is Kuma on Thriller Bark or Franky in Dr' Vegapunks lab. Those can be explained simply. Kuma never wanted to kill any of them, which was the whole point of Zoro taking Luffy's pain, and him protecting their ship. All of that shit that he did to help them. And Franky, blew himself up; only to rebuild himself in a better way. I can't think of any other "nuclear" type explosions. Also it's a Shounen, action anime. No shit, there will be explosions, on massive proportions. Lastly, died by a breeze? Most of them get shot in the face, or some shit.

BigOnAnime May 29, 2012

7) Much appreciated as I want to improve upon my writing skills, and first off I want to say thanks for being nice about it. Saw somebody else also gave feedback before you did, and it was just a "Are you writing this to be labeled as a dumbass, and negate my opinion?" kind of thing. He mainly dwelled on how I kept going "Is this from the 90's and 07?" which looking at it now does seem really stupid, along with the aspect ratio.

Describing why it looks like the 90's, and that being a bad thing is a bit tough. It looks similar to stuff like Trigun, Outlaw Star, Rurouni kenshin, Gundam Wing, The Slayers, Cowboy Bebop, Sailor Moon, DBZ (Even though that's 89), etc. But the thing is Ice if it were made in the 90's, it wouldn't really fit well. The only really visually pleasing things in there were the backgrounds.

It should be noted I don't think 90's anime are bad. Many are much better than today's stuff, and I do like the artstyle, but for something like Ice, it just didn't work using that in the age it was used in.

As for titles, just deleted them. Now I got to find a way to make things cohesive. As for what to bold, which would you recommend? Stuff on the non-existant character development, and nearly non-existant story?

8) I unfortunately don't have a Skype nor a Facebook account. Would PMing through AniDB be better for you?

Anyway thanks for your time.