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xxjacobxx3 May 26, 2012

The smiley face seemed more appropriate in that situation, rather than saying: "Yes, I like seeing stupid little bitch ass girls suffer what they deserve." I dont read much about manga though. I'm too lazy to read manga. I've tried. I work 12hrs a day, 5 days a week and 70% of the time on saturday, and 20% of the time on sunday. I'm an industrial technician (maintenance/automation). Unfortunately, I dont have the energy (most of the time) to argue/think deeply about stuff anymore. I'd rather relax and play a game or watch some anime! :)

Keep on trollin, keep on learning, peace bro

Yuken May 26, 2012

After having a lengthy discussion with my friend, we've decided to see if you were still interested in a skype conversation. I'd love to just sit down and talk get your side and try to connect on the ideas that we both tried to relay but missed.

MordredMS May 26, 2012

Me, I actually liked the lack of a grander scale. I love psychological stuff, I don't think any story must necessairly become a fight to save the world. A good visual representation of an internal, psychological struggle always gets me. And I didn't find the characters so annoying...I mean, OK they cry a lot (hey, it's middle school girls we're talking about, not adults, after all...), but I don't really see that as a defect. They explored nicely their psychology (with the partial exception of Mato) and/or their backstories, and for me that worked alright, it was intense enough and...well, not really that stereotypical. I mean, the real Yuu's backstory is quite dark, it shows an extreme form of escaping from one's hardships; or Yomi's development, it said a lot to me. I loved how they portrayed the longtime-friend-type relationship between mato and Yuu, for example, or in general all the friendships (I always dig "power of friendship" over "power of love". Or "bros before hoes", in less nerdy terms...XD).

Plus, I think it's an oversimplification to just call it a Vocaloid anime. After all, the Vocaloid song picked up what huke had already done with his artwork without Vocaloid imput. From what I read, he created the Black Rock Shooter character before Miku was all the buzz and then just made her ponytails longer to make her look like Miku. I don't particularly like Supercell, but I love the fact that they made it from the internet, from scratch. A fanartist created a character and a background, a non-professional composer created a song about it, the mix was good so it caught up, and now it's "famous". It gives an aspiring musician/composer like me hope, you know? :P

But hey, we all have our opinions. I did read your review some time ago, I didn't remember right away it was you, and while I agree with almost nothing you wrote I enjoyed reading it. You know why you like or don't like something and can argument it and that's what matters. It was a fun conversation. ^_^

MordredMS May 26, 2012

No, wait, I did not say anything so radical. I said, "I believe that (...) (it) has the potential to leave a lasting impact (...). I wouldn’t go as far as saying that everyone will like it, but (...)". What I mean is, I believe it may be remembered and is good enough to. I'm not saying it sets a new standard.And again, don't go around saying the majority this the majority that. Just look at the rating statistics on Anime-Planet and AnimeNewsNetwork ( the average rating seems to be real good. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to use other people's judgment as proof of the show's quality, that would be a logical fallacy, I'm just saying.Finally, I think it did say something interesting, and that it lasted what it needed to last. Sure, I'm not saying it's on the same level as, say, Evangelion or Saikano or Cowboy Bebop, but it did its job in creating a strong story with strong characters.

MordredMS May 26, 2012

First of all, thank you for reading and commenting on my "Black Rock Shooter" review. Secondly...I don't think it "left no big impressions on the fandom" or that "to most it was dull and stupid". I'm not entirely sure how you'd know what most of the fandom thinks, but, even if most people did think it was dumb and stupid, I don't care: personally, I loved it.

And I'm no Vocaloid fan either, so there is absolutely no fanservice working for me. I had watched the BRS OVA because everywhere I looked there was someone talking about the then-upcoming TV anime, and it was the first time I came into contact with anything BRS-related. And I didn't like it, partly because it was mostly incomprehensible for people who didn't know the mythos behind it already; but I saw it had potential, and came up with pretty precise expectations as to what was to correct in the TV series. Which, as you read, didn't disappoint me. I found the otherworld pretty clever (although, I realise, not necessairly original), I loved how they tied the two worlds without them feeling unrelated as in the OVA,and how effectively they built up the plot twists...and I even liked the characters. Calling them "emo" is an oversimplification I've heard people making far too many times with series like Evangelion.Most importantly, it moved me. It gave me an emotional response, and a pretty intense one.  Don't get me wrong, even a friend of mine doesn't like it that much, I can see why some might not like it, so I respect your opinion. But please, do not come around saying stuff like "most thought it was stupid", because..."Most people" think Evangelion is a boring anime, for crying out loud. XD