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MordredMS says...

First of all, thank you for reading and commenting on my "Black Rock Shooter" review. Secondly...I don't think it "left no big impressions on the fandom" or that "to most it was dull and stupid". I'm not entirely sure how you'd know what most of the fandom thinks, but, even if most people did think it was dumb and stupid, I don't care: personally, I loved it.

And I'm no Vocaloid fan either, so there is absolutely no fanservice working for me. I had watched the BRS OVA because everywhere I looked there was someone talking about the then-upcoming TV anime, and it was the first time I came into contact with anything BRS-related. And I didn't like it, partly because it was mostly incomprehensible for people who didn't know the mythos behind it already; but I saw it had potential, and came up with pretty precise expectations as to what was to correct in the TV series. Which, as you read, didn't disappoint me. I found the otherworld pretty clever (although, I realise, not necessairly original), I loved how they tied the two worlds without them feeling unrelated as in the OVA,and how effectively they built up the plot twists...and I even liked the characters. Calling them "emo" is an oversimplification I've heard people making far too many times with series like Evangelion.Most importantly, it moved me. It gave me an emotional response, and a pretty intense one.  Don't get me wrong, even a friend of mine doesn't like it that much, I can see why some might not like it, so I respect your opinion. But please, do not come around saying stuff like "most thought it was stupid", because..."Most people" think Evangelion is a boring anime, for crying out loud. XD

May 26, 2012
CoolHandMike says...

Yeah I thought Zero no Tsukaim was at it's best when being unashamedly ecchi. I never tired of Louise kicking Saito in the nuts, but as soon as it tried to develop plot and backstory and became a borefest.

May 26, 2012
Yuken says...

Da) "To me." Sure. But let me put it this way. Let's say we are fighting a war against each other right now. Just for the purpose of making the statement, yeah? I could walk away from this right now and declare you the winner. Alright, cool. You might have won in the sense that you've beat me in debate. But if I've won the hearts of the people that witnessed this event, then surely they will be more inclined to follow my ideas rather than yours, right?

Truth isn't black and white. Sure, there might be an absolute behind it all. But people make the truth. You seek something greater which is respectable, but you think on a different level than most. You can't ever hope to really win in human terms with such extreme ideas. Take note of how many have banned you from forums or just gave up talking to you.

You want to make it about them losing. They just don't see eye to eye with you and are tired of talking to a wall. It's a nature response to just stop something that seems pointless. The fact that you want to make it about seeing enjoyment in beating people just means you are immature. Finding enjoyment in such things is something a bully would find enjoyable in the 5th grade. You're 30 years old, isn't it time to move on from that type of behavior?

Db) Sheep = No Logical thought. Is being a sheep...bad? I think they are cute and fluffy! In all seriousness. Your religion reflects what you believe. At least that's good. I still disagree with you. Your desire to not be a sheep is born out of hatred of mediocrity. To be above a human when you are a human. Dismiss and hate out of a need to place yourself above them. I don't know man, I don't like this viewpoint at all. It's so...arrogant.

1) Valid. I misread what you stated. Sorry. I can accept the fact that I was wrong here and admit it.

2) I didn't call you a troll. Merely providing an example of why trolling is successful. Reread please.

4) Maybe it is true that most don't care. But I don't think the reason they demand reward without work is so different than your demands of logic and reason. They both derive from individuals who believe themselves to be above others. The difference is only in the demand itself.

I don't know man. I've stated everything I've wanted to state. You take what I've said and apply logic to it when I'm trying to tell you that the very act of doing so is why you can't see eye to eye with me, or by looking at your status on the internet, very many people.

I totally respect that you want logic and reason to be a big part of your life. I really, really do. But there is no benefit to any of it other than yourself. It's a selflish demand to ask of people. It's nearly impossible to ask of most individuals. I used to think and believe just like you. But coming from poverty and being a witness to real people struggling has clearly made a big impact on my beliefs. We are both merely limited by what we've seen and experienced.

I'm done with this. You can take the "win" if that's what you want to call it by your standards. Just know that unless the majority believes that you have won you can't actually say you've won. It's human history for people to follow their beliefs no matter how illogical because they feel it is proper rather than something that is logically sound. Why do you think so many religious wars have been fought? Without the command of the sheep your truth means absolutely nothing.

I do hope that at the very least you can find enjoyment in something other than winning in debate or making others feel inferior. There are a lot of other enjoyable things in this life that I'm sure you're missing out on because of this. I truly, and absolutely feel sorry for you. I wish I could feel angry, but all I feel is pity. For, I too was once blinded by this state of mind. I hope you overcome it as I did. Take care.

May 25, 2012
Yuken says...

D) It doesn't matter if you win, it matters if you convince them that you have won. Everyone plays a different game. If you don't understand the mechanics of the game you'd never be able to teach someone how to beat it. I'm agnostic. I gravitate towards science and logic in belief because that's what I can understand. I don't hold grudges against any religion, because I understand that they believe for reasons that are not logical. I can accept that.

1) I can disprove all of your facts by simply saying. "You are wrong." It really doesn't matter what reason you use or how beautiful your logic is. It's interesting that you don't believe these people are important. It's not about them being weak or worthless. If you had been born in a world of poverty, or rather if you had been raised and taught in "worthless" ways you would also live your life by different weaker standards. If you had never been given a book or taught the proper way you would be far from where you are right now. To claim that people are not important because they are unable to see what you see is just extreme. You find it hard to sympathize because you live in a logical world. As I said before, you are essentially commiting silent genocide. You are so against it right? Why is one form of genocide okay and not the other?

2) From my experience this is also the case. It's why trolling is so effective despite how obvious your troll is. People react to your words and draw conclusions. Some people are simply unable to shut people off. Curiosity is a rather interesting thing.

4) The world would likely advance a lot quicker. We would be able to resolve a lot of unsolvable or far out of the way issues and questions about who we are and where we are going. We would be able to do great things I'm sure. But, I wouldn't want to completely alter the way humanity works in order to get those results. Results that are not honest are not worth the reward. People should reach conclusions because they want to, not because they have been conditioned to believe in logic and order. Such a belief system is so unnatural and inhumane when you really think about it.


May 25, 2012