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ratchet573 Jan 22, 2015

I enjoy how every review I keep finding of yours somehow makes parallels to Naruto while also insulting the fanbase of the anime as well as anime fans in general. Nothing's more gratifying than seeing the usually unwarranted complaints of a person who has watched half an anime and thinks he's better than everyone else because he watches a shitton of cartoons. You got banned from commenting for being condescending, but continue to condescend through reviews that try to elevate you to a higher level than all of us. 

If you hate modern anime so much then the fact you continually watch it shows how much time you have to waste with your life and how much you enjoy not reviewing anime, but trying to put yourself on a plateau that doesn't exist. 

rijowc Jan 22, 2015

was the price of watching all that. worth it?

nabouvier Jan 17, 2015

I loved your review of Zankyou no Terror! You put all the disgust I felt for that anime into words, I'm grateful <3

Jehowi Jan 5, 2015

Your Kill la Kill review is a joke. Best anime of the year? Probably the worst, I'd say. Barakamon, Akame ga Kill!, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Haikyuu!!, No Game No Life, Sword Art Online II... Wait, scratch that last one. But still, there are loads of anime that were better than Kill la Kill. You normally always rant about shows that don't have a plot, you even dropped Gintama for that reason, and now you rate an absolutely rubbish show as 6.5/10? I'm devastated.

DoodlebugFour Jan 1, 2015

Because it is Roricon's job to sort out the memorable, one of a kind gems from the mediocre slice of life harem moe schlock that recycles the same sctick over and over again. I personally, don't like how anime nowadays are becoming more shallow when 99% of series are becoming run of the mill one-night-standers that will quickly be sunked down the depths of obscurity hell. it seems the anime community is not familiar with the term "Sturgeon's Law". I remember anime for standing out as one of a kind works that can go deep in whatever themes they explore, not boring slice of lifes where it's always about squeaky cute jailbaits trying to win the heart of some bland loser in high school that caters to the fetishes of lonely, fat, and pedophilic otakus.

Ya happy now fellas?