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Scholek Mar 3, 2015

Do you try to make your anime rating histogram chart look gaussian? lol

I ususually stop watching an anime if it falls below 2.5 and don't rate things I give up on. That way I can attain maximum enjoyment.

TheAngelofDeath Feb 18, 2015

Looking back I realize I may of been too hotheaded when I asked you to remove your reviews I shouldn't be demoting the use of opinions and everyone has their own opinion on things and just because I see lots of "bad" reviews on animes that I enjoy its no reason for me to overstep my boundries and and insult your work and ask you to "remove it" Thats in bad taste.

So I'm sorry about overstepping my boundries on those things, I apologize for that. 

TheAngelofDeath Feb 11, 2015

Nothing makes me more sad than when a person leaves a review on a good anime that contains endless amounts of pointless insults towards other animes and fanbases and people in general and leaves a bad image of that anime in that poor persons mind who is reading it. I would like to think people are smarter than that but sadly I know that most newcommers are naive and won't realize these kind of reviews as incorrect. You slam down on several good anime a lot harder than you need to even for a critical reviewer you take things way over the line and step on everyones toes very much intentally. You make yourself appear as an online bully because of this which is sad because a lot of animes need a strong critical reviewer who is willing to spend an hour typing up a good lengthy review of an anime for others to see. However you lose all this godly potienical because of your extreme biasim which in turn changes you from a critical reviewer to someone who is writing nothing more than a lengthy rant about something that doesn't deserve to be kicked over and over again while its already down. If a good critical reviewer uses a few good punches to knock out the horrible parts of the anime that deserve to be known out. Then you do the same but then proceed to continue punching into it falls to the ground and then, even then you would continue to kick it until it couldn't so much as even twitch in the slightest way possible and you leave the anime on borderline death. There is such a thing as going to far and because you do this oh so too often your reviews loose creditiblity and i think its just a shame that your talent and dedication are going to waste because of such trivial things. I hope that someone with a little more control who has the talent and dedication appears again and this time when he/she writes their critical reviews they will actually help out a person who is curious in that anime and deserves that true honest review and not a review full of extreme biasism and hatred. 

I hope that anyone else reading this comment other than its intended reciever sees this and tries to be a little more open minded about things. There are too many good people out there that don't deserve to have their happiness ruined by a few bad apples.

SentientCrab Jan 27, 2015

Thank you for being one of the few people who can look at Steins;Gate and realize it has plot holes. I thought I was going crazy.

ratchet573 Jan 22, 2015

I enjoy how every review I keep finding of yours somehow makes parallels to Naruto while also insulting the fanbase of the anime as well as anime fans in general. Nothing's more gratifying than seeing the usually unwarranted complaints of a person who has watched half an anime and thinks he's better than everyone else because he watches a shitton of cartoons. You got banned from commenting for being condescending, but continue to condescend through reviews that try to elevate you to a higher level than all of us. 

If you hate modern anime so much then the fact you continually watch it shows how much time you have to waste with your life and how much you enjoy not reviewing anime, but trying to put yourself on a plateau that doesn't exist.