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mrjames649 says...

As elaborate and detailed as your reviews are, it really doesn't seem like you enjoy much of what you watch... (Hence the majority of your ratings being at around 2/5) Why bother continuing a series if you're not enjoying it? (especially if it's a long running show)Then you decide to type an elaborate and detailed 2000+ word rant on how horribly, generic and boring it is. I mean, seriously... Why bother? You must have something better to do other than repeatedly watch and rant about how terrible something is?

Oct 16, 2014
Flint879 says...

All of your reviews are nothing but 5+ pages worth of ranting about how much the anime sucked (at least all the ones I see anyway). You point out insignificant things that most people skip over while watching the anime, you bash on everything to make the anime seem like it did a terrible job presenting it's ideas, and you usually have 1-2 good things to say at most about the anime you're reviewing. Granted, some of the points you make I do agree with, but that doesn't stop the fact that everytime I read any review of yours, I can hear and feel the hatred you have for it. I enjoy watching anime, but I enjoy watching animes that are good. I don't watch every piece of crap that comes out. Most of the reviews I read from you are not good reviews for the anime, which makes me wonder why you even bother watching anime. I'm not trying to hate nor am I upset. I am just simply stating that if 98% of the animes that came out I didn't like, then I wouldn't bother watching anime at all. What's the point of doing something if you don't enjoy anything that comes from it? Another thing that bothers me & probably a lot of other anime fans is your constant gripe about how an anime is overhyped or something like that. Why does it matter if it's overhyped?! If a lot of anime fans are excited for an anime, then it's popular for a reason. Because it's good & a lot of people realize that. You are so conceeded when it comes to the "popular & overhyped" animes. You automatically think it's bad before watching it. Just like what you said about SAO or AOT or even Kids on the Slope. All very good animes & you bash them mostly because they are popular with a lot of people. You probably get a lot of hate & I believe you do, but seriously dude...everything anime related you think is crap. Not saying it to join the hate group, but when you look at it, you give off that vibe.

Sep 29, 2014
Loneashild says...

I can understand where you're coming from with most of your reviews (even if you didn't enjoy the anime I liked), but a word of advice: get off your high horse and show more humility in your reviews, it would make them legible. Also, I would suggest you stop being so narrow-minded before watching anime. Drop all prejudices and preconceived ideas you have, watch the anime, take it as is, so if it's clearly made for entertainment watch it with the correct mindset, then give it your review. Don't watch it with the intention of finding everything wrong with it that you could possibly find, it would be pointless watching it then. Then again, I should probably follow my own advice, because before writing this I already judged you as the type to be too self-absorbed and holier-than-thou to actually listen to someone else's advice.

Sep 28, 2014
Yuzik01 says...

I stumbled upon one of your reviews and had to read more of them, even some about shows I'm not even interested in. Your reviews are very elaborate, informative and every opinion is justified, I really like it.

I look forward to reading more of your reviews and thank you for them!

Sep 13, 2014
espie666 says...

Just wanted to say I absolutely love your reviews and videos. You actually come up with interesting topics and talk about what's truly important when it comes to developing a good anime, instead of just uploading stupid reaction videos like most anime 'reviewers' nowadays. It sucks that people nowadays can't even take criticism, and act like idiots (filthy casuals) and resort to petty insults to defend their beloved anime. 

Aug 6, 2014