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eifiee says...

ah i now see why you are highly disliked, haha.  if you want less people to hate you, though i doubt you care at all because it seems as if you're doing this on purpose, you should probably refrain from calling your readers names such as people with no brains, & calling us retards in every other sentence.  at first i did think it was just a matter of opinion differences but after reading more it has become as plain as day that you're just a very rude & pessimsitic person, which is really dissapointing.  i hope that someday you are able to be more positive, because i think that will really help you stop insulting your readers throughout your reviews.  please do think about changing your attitude a bit, i guarantee good things will come out of it.  & i am not saying your opinions are bad, or wrong, i just hate the way you refer to your readers- especially if they think differently than you.  it is not ok for you to call someone a retard simply because their opinion is different.  i do like when you are being funny, & when you are stating your opinons (good or bad) without hurting anyone in the process, keep that up!  work more on the positives instead of the negatives, life will be better to you if you do.

Aug 14, 2013
eifiee says...

like a lot of people are saying, i have a different opinion than most of your reviews, but wow a lot of people seem to really dislike you for them.  if people looked, they'd see that you have been watching many different animes for quite a long time, so you have seen more & have more knowledge than most of us.  its not that you dislike anime, obviously, its just that you are harder to please since you have basically seen it all.  i understand that it doesn't feel too good when someone is saying bad things about your favorite anime, though, & you're quite relentless when it comes to reviewing haha!  your opinion is your opinion though, so it cannot be helped.  that being said, i'm also curious, could you make a top 10 or 20 favorite anime list, & least favorite anime list?  i want to know what you actually deem to be a good & acceptable anime, lol

Aug 14, 2013
Frostmoon says...

Are you just trolling? Or is your concept of the 1-5 star and 1-10 rating system so contorted that you just decide all things are mediocre?^He is not trolling and no all things are not mediocre but 90% things are shit and bad.Anime is not exception either.  

Jul 25, 2013
Scholek says...

I used to have all sorts of stupid methods to find out which anime I would watch next. Spinning a piece of toast, juggling cantaloupes, und failing spelin B's. Now I use you're reviews. Do you know which one is moar successful?

Jul 8, 2013
Scholek says...

You've got good reviews. You're also a borderline pessimist.

A major problem with your reviews is that you don't shut up and agree that all the characters are SUPER KAWAII, and then procede to explain how the fight scenes and animation make up for the total load of bullshit that is the storyline.

Have you considered throwing away your own opinion and just rehashing what all the hyped-up 10-year-olds are thinking?

nyaa meow

Jul 8, 2013