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skolnikc Jun 1, 2012

Because all Shounen do that. If you haven't noticed this yet, then I honestly don't even know how you function. It's pretty much expected at this point, sure it would be better if the mangaka could make it more consistent than it is. But (and this goes for any anime) when I watch or read manga or anime, I take it for what it is. Some of them have great story lines yeah, but almost every single one I've come across, be it Shounen, or etc. They all have plot holes and inconsistencies. It's not like they're all time great novels or anything. Now with that being said, One Piece, compared to other manga, has less of those things. Which, in my opinion is pretty damn impressive for something that's long as fuck. Have you ever written a long story? It's not easy.

Now as far as the calmbelt. Who's to say that some pirates don't have some sort of steam engine powered ship? There are tons of pirates using tons of different methods. That's one of the bigger rolls of the story. Pirates are random as fuck. Hell Mihawk floated in and out of the grandline on a piece of wood.

Lastly, saying that the battle on Sabaody was useless, is a rather ignortant statement. Just because MOST of the pirates didn't get caught, doesn't mean there wasn't any major character development durring it. It's shallow minded to think that a major event has to happen to impact the story. In which case, one did happen anyways. Actually the events on Sabaody are still fucking the Strawhats over to this day. The attack on the Celestial dragons is going to follow them to probably the end of the story.

Virdelet Jun 1, 2012

Fairly tail fan boys are pretty cocky about themselves. Also I am not cocky and I have an excellent opinion.

Virdelet Jun 1, 2012

Don't get too cocky xD 

Virdelet Jun 1, 2012

You sir ,have a classy awesome taste.

ikkitheskyking9000 Jun 1, 2012

Thanks for the comment, just do what you always do and don't let anybody stop you. Sorry it took me a long time to reply I was busy.

Seeing as you like anime, do you also like Japanese video games such as final fantasy or metal gear solid?