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I am comment banned, so join me in Skype for anything you would like to talk about. Look for "Πέτρος Μαλούσης - ThatAnimeSnob"

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tasosaki says...

[email protected] (μιας και είσαι comment banned)

May 18, 2013
tasosaki says...

Καλησπέρα! Είμαι σχετικα νέος στα άνιμε και γενικά πιστεύω τα βαθμόλογω πολύ επιεικώς. Παρατήρησα τα review σου και είναι και αυστηρά και αρκέτα κόντα σε αύτα που πιστεύω για τις σειρές. Οπότε αν γίνεται να με φωτήσεις λίγο γύρο από τα κριτήρια σου θα το εκτιμούσα.

May 18, 2013
Youknowforkids says...

Will you complete your Shinsekai Yori review? 

May 1, 2013
iZallen says...

Honestly im getting used to seeing your Reviews and Opinions on anime; its nice to have more than opinion every once in a while. Keep going Anchor-man! ^.^

Apr 20, 2013
ShionSonozaki says...

While I tend to disagree on quite a few of your reviews, I won't deny that they certainly make for good reading and I can certainly see what you mean when talking about certain shows (I think I've found one of the few people in the world that agrees with me on elfen lied). Just try to be a little nicer to people on their own reviews, okay? If you expect them to respect your opinion, you have to respect theirs. That being said, your reviews are always interesting to read. :)

Apr 6, 2013