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Panta says...

Saw a comment of yours on Youtube ("If I don't steam like that, I will give up on anime. Do you want me to give up on anime?") which has a very simple answer: Yes.

If you find that all you have to say about a style of media is a constant string of complaints, and insults towards the community that try to engage you in critical thought, then maybe you really should give up anime. I've seen your reviews around here and they're far detracted from the reality that any one particular show is.

In fact, a lot of the anime you criticize have fairly strong qualities that you bash as problems, or you just invent problems out of your expectations that are threatened when characters act in accordance to their personality and not your desires. I've replied to your reviews on Sakurasou and Bakuman, you can follow up on my opinions there.But hey, I realize this is probably going to get me an honorable mention in your next video since you like shaming people who are opposed to you, but it'll just prove that insulting the anime community, who have a genuine problem with the way you communicate, is your sole purpose for watching anime.

So, again, if you don't enjoy anime, stop watching it, because from your reviews and videos it's clear that you can't be bothered to understand a single show and what they're about, and are perfectly content with publishing inaccurate and misinformed horse-shit that makes me wonder if you don't just write reviews based on the wikipedia summaries while not even bothering to watch them.

Bible of watching anime, my ass.

Feb 23, 2014
Elementist says...

I don't always show my appreciations to others. But when I do, I show them to those who deserve them. And my friend, your reviews have completely earned them.

Keep up the great work in producing insightful, in-depth, honest, & hilarious reviews.

Jan 12, 2014
Kaltos says...

Please don't write reviews and get off the site until you grow up and your IQ increases. Thank you.  

Jan 9, 2014
Doomoo says...

Big fan of yours, always read your reviews if avalible before watching an anime. :D

Anyway I was wondering if you'd review .

It's by a studio I've never heard of but if you've not seen it I think you'd like it. It seems to almost be a sort of reflection of many cultures put into a fantasy form and looked at from the standpoint of modern Japan's set of moral and ethical standards. But I don't need to tell you that since you're Roricon XD You've probably even already seen it, guess I wasted my time typing this paragraph. Oh well.

Dec 28, 2013
MisakiUsagi says...

Before I watch an anime I'm iffy about I read your reviews first. You have saved me from a lot of heart ache and head ache my friend. And I thank you kindly. *bows with respect*

Dec 1, 2013