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Keaton Dec 10, 2015

Oh noes, what happened posters down below? Did he leave a negative review to an anime you liked?! Sick creature.. /sarcasm

CornBread Nov 15, 2015

You should step back and take a look at your ratings man. When the majority of your ratings are a 1.5 to a 2 that shows me you have no clue of what makes a good anime. You have such high expectations you ruine them for yourself. Do us all a favor and stop watching anime if all you do is complain about it afterwards.

MLSCrow Nov 10, 2015

This guy is a complete moron and terrible reviewer.  It pains me to even see people complimenting him, especially when so many people disagree with his completely imbecilic opinions. 

NetfluxJoe Oct 24, 2015

I don't always agree with everything in your reviews, but no doubt they are well thought out. You're good at articulating things that may be hard to nail down by the casual viewer. It's admirable and, well, helpful.

SiegfriedKircheis Oct 12, 2015

I watched epsiode 26 and now I'm sad...but thank you for introducing me to the show and keep up the good work