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ColloquialDuck Oct 10, 2016

At first, I had mixed feelings about you after seeing your reviews of shows that I just discovered through this site, but after reading more of them and getting to understand your motivation towards all these reviews, I realized how naivè I've been all this time, and that the anime industry needs constructive people like you to analyze these shows and give creators the advice they need to make better content. I can't guarantee that I'll stop getting instinctually salty when I see your low review scores for shows I enjoyed, but that's a flaw on my part, since I keep holding anime on a pedestal, proving that I need to go outside more and/or read more regular books instead. Thank you for all the work you've done to help this community. You deserve to be proud : )

arifem Oct 2, 2016

always appreciate your insights, one of the few i listen to

Killbot316 Sep 12, 2016

Its funny how you hate on every single goddamn anime. like if you hate 1557 shows, its about time you quit....

dregonballs Aug 13, 2016

Suggestion. Dont watch anime.