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ghurk Jan 20, 2017

Btw for all the haters around here. If you feel offended by his reviews, just skip them. But dont feel offended by anime creators when u start to watch after u read certain anime is COOL or other stuff somewhere, then u see its a crap in one or more ways. Also, theres a complain about bad story reviews... well maybe it would be good to note that, when we exclude anime that have no story, many anime with story are actually not about the story, and often dont bother with it cuz itd be a pointless pain right? If u think its bad to badmouth what is bad as pointless offensive behavior, then please, try to think of those few people among us who are struggling  to find story based anime with good story, which is actually rare, unlike other typical anime coming out evry season in some form of renamed spinoff with different character designs.

ghurk Jan 20, 2017

Thanks very much for your reviews. Im really stuck when it comes to picking anime to watch and common reviews "all is cool, all is great" doesnt rly help. In your reviews you also manage to tell everything in detail without hard spoils and relate to other things relevant, not the things "known". Just... thanks very much.

RyuToken Jan 18, 2017

Hello mr. Snob , can I add you on skype?

Zangetsu92 Jan 8, 2017

Lol he's just another life loser, who has nothing better to do. It's free to watch all this stuff. So he's probably broke living with his mom. And he is so angry and bitter bout his life he vents his anger here claiming to be a reviewer when all it really is, is him wanting his voice to be heard. He loves attention, people that deliberately give bad reviews consistently are lying to their self because in his mind he thinks if I really bash this then so many people will argue with me and therefore I'll get my attention. He was comment banned, what does he do...Tell everyone to join his skype? Why? Because he needs everyone hating on him, if they wasnt....Then what was the point in watching all those crap anime?! I feel so bad for him. I mean lmao THIS is his life! Rip Roricon. Good riddance!

Walid11 Dec 19, 2016

I really feel sorry about you, you have completely forgoten that you're just watching Anime , fiction , that's not mathemetical or physical science or philosophy,,that need all that stupid accuracy and overdoing , all the thing is that you have a power and eneregy that you're puting it on the wrong thing , and you want to satisfy yourself with ranting and convince yourself that you did a good job by watching a lot of anime , that's all .