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loransm Dec 16, 2016

Hello ! Could you tell me how did you watch kimi no na wa pls ? I can't find it

Hope you are having good time

Armoreska Nov 25, 2016

Love reading your reviews but also wonder how you can go on watching so many bad anime when there are surely better things out there.

HasegawaTadayoshi Nov 4, 2016

Almost every anime you've reviewed was given a terrible review on story. Now, that's ludicrous. If you want to be so negative, go somewhere else- these are supposed to be OBJECTIVE reviews, not completely shitting on something you don't even watch. I mean, do you really WATCH anime? You're always giving bullshit, nonsenical reviews, so I can't help but wonder.

Zed60K Nov 2, 2016

i really like you're reviews, i find them both funny and almost too accurate, but i can't help but to think that you don't seem to enjoy what you're watching, since your busy criticizing any thing you watch, and spending your time looking for a negative points to hold it against the show, even if it was pointless.

on the other hand it results in a bunch of masterpiece reviews :D

mikeyvxt Oct 30, 2016

I can't really disagree with a lot of the reviews you write because you bring up a lot of good points about how some shows fall short, but sometimes it also seems like you shit all over them just to shit all over them. 

I guess to be fair though, you've only ever dropped 10 shows. That's effort. If a show doesn't hit at least 3 stars for me personally, it usually means I can't stomach continuing to watch it. Kudos