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I am comment banned, so join me in Skype for anything you would like to talk about. Look for "Πέτρος Μαλούσης - ThatAnimeSnob"

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Slimek avatar Slimek

You Rock!

Jan 14, 2013

Hi Rori. I've been a fan of your reviews and videos for a while now; they're really entertaining and informative. I got my brother to watch some of your videos and he really enjoyed them. We're both eagerly waiting for you to post more. Apart from that, I'd like to ask you a question, what is OVA? I know it stands for "Original Video Animation", but that does not tell me a lot about what it is. ^^

KageNoArashi avatar KageNoArashi


Jan 10, 2013

Hey rori! You mind doing a Top 10 best and worst anime of all time video?:o It'll be interesting xD

Asmageddon avatar Asmageddon


Jan 6, 2013

Another suggestion for you: the ongoing Shirokuma Cafe (also known as "Polar Bear Cafe"). It's definitely original and unlike most other anime I know of. It also doesn't have repetitive gags or cliche stories, it always does something new, I believe it's a show you should like.

Asmageddon avatar Asmageddon


Jan 3, 2013

Kokoro Connect was rather mediocre, but anyway on to the main issue:

You have not watched Kemono no Souja Erin, roriconfan! Your tastes seem to mesh with mine close to perfectly, though you have the fault of severely overrating the anime that others consider "classics" and imo, letting general opinion influence yours this much is a very negative trait. You also seem to just flame some shows simply because they were made by a certain person or studio, also an extremely negative trait. A perfect example of both is how you gave 9/10 to NGE and 5.5/10 to Bokurano - you judged NGE for who created it and the circumstances and Bokurano for the studio that made it, in both cases ignoring the shows themselves completely because, honestly, as far as the plot, drama, characters, impact of the anime themselves go, Bokurano was at least twice as good as NGE, which was mostly just cryptic yet shallow (not to mention the awful pacing, extreme marginalization of side characters, backgrounds of characters being mostly inexistent, with no way to empathize with them).

Well, one way or another, I recommend you Kemono no Souja Erin, I'm curious what you will think of it. And feel free to reply to my criticism (in fact I would be glad if you did) :p

kio3459 avatar kio3459


Jan 3, 2013

Two things.. You were completely right eureka seven AO. I can't believe how that show was even made *face plant. There were times I felt like I could end liking it, but sadly that was my nostalgia talking. Bones studio has been going down hill since FMA.

2nd thing, kokoro connect is one the better animes that came out of 2012 (in fact the last couple of yrs).. I respectfully disagree with your review and rating (you made valid points and I can see where you're coming but your rating.. No..7/10 would be fair).

I know you can't reply so.. I know you'll respond about manufactured drama, characters types from eroge games, heart seed left unanswered.. Sigh*.. Ok.. Ill say story for the most part was interesting, great character developments, Solid animation and music.. Sometimes as a viwer i dont want to be spoon feed every single detail.. heart seed is some type of god/being. I felt like the story was about the growth/ development of stucs group. Not who or what heart seed is..

Agree to disagree. Good luck with your thing.. 

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