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I am comment banned, so join me in Skype for anything you would like to talk about. Look for "Πέτρος Μαλούσης - ThatAnimeSnob"

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Wickerman says...

Just after finishing your Evaluations and History series.  You sure put a lot of passion and open opinions into your work.  I highly enjoyed the series and thank you hot all the effort put into them.

Mar 15, 2013
Otaku108 says...

I'm sitting here looking at your average scores, especially on your reviews and I'm trying to figure out if you even like anime. Half the stuff you rate is poor at best, according to your own ratings I mean. If over half the anime I was watching was drivil by my tastes I think I'd find something else to enterain myself with lol.

Mar 13, 2013
NIAIK says...

So, if comments are disabled, then what's this?

Mar 12, 2013
RoyalOtaku says...

Dude your reviews rock! Always interesting to read and if I'm about to watch something I always check if you got a review on it first.

On a side note, do you think you can make a top ten list of both your worst and best anime of all time.

Feb 24, 2013
dinaga says...

I absolutely love your reviews. You're a great reference for good anime, and your Mirai Nikki review (especially the one with detailed plot holes and character descriptions) was hilarious :D

Feb 22, 2013