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mananimasify says...

 Your videos are quite entertaining. I'm very grateful for that and thank you.

May 31, 2014
Th3Laugh1ngMan says...

I had a good laugh reading all your reviews. lol

Apr 28, 2014
Panta says...

I'd like to respond to your video, as you misunderstood what I meant (heh, running theme with you, isn't it?): "you just stated the world is a fair place where all talented people always get rewarded."

The intention of my comment was not to express that I think the publishing industry is fair and balanced - I'm a struggling writer so I know how difficult it is - but you admit to being an "amateur" cartoonist, so by definition that gives the impression that it was more a hobby than a profession for you, and you lacked the effort to pursue it, which leads one to believe you either didn't have the passion for it, or the skill.

I could expand on what I wrote to be clearer about that, true, but you don't get much clearer than your convictions:

"Average 14 year old male can't think about anything but sex."

So, by relation to your original statement, you just claimed that all 14 year old boys are rapists?

I offered a perfectly valid viewpoint to one of your offensive and sick statements, and your response is to convince me that you actually consider taking advantage of a mentally handicapped girl to be okay. Please, go on, I'm loving how you're destroying your own credibility.

What you've just done is lump everyone within a certain demograph into one generalization with little thought to the various factors that effect social development. Oh, and you criminalized all 14 year old boys as rapists. Though I'm sure you won't see it like that more than they're all your personal heroes. You actually are a terrible excuse for a human.

So in answer to your next question:

"You think you understand human behaviour better than I do?"

Yes. Yes I do.

And no, I wasn't excusing why girls were running around nude in that show, because there was no nudity to excuse. There wasn't even any ecchi beyond the first three episodes and even that was mild. A girl with a long, oversized shirt that covered her almost down to her knees is not nudity.

The point I was making there is that Shiina Mashiro doesn't view her sheer as something to be embarrassed about. Having lived with flatmates that have the same proclivities around males - myself included - it's perfectly reasonable to assume that Mashiro, someone who doesn't care for the "necessity" of clothing, wouldn't be as embarrassed about her appearance as someone with a common Japanese upbringing might be.

Which leads to you generalizing again as you assume that I'm saying something that I haven't. I'm not an exhibitionist; I don't derive sexual pleasure from being nude in front of others, but neither do I regard it as a big deal. I have no inhibition towards wearing just panties and a shirt around a group of people. Again, I can confidently claim in light of this that I understand human behaviour better than you do because I don't blanket term everyone into neat, convenient categories.

I trust other people's opinions from experience that they have recommended me good shows in the past. Of course I trust their opinion over yours; your reviews are juvenile and horrendously infested with inaccuracies and personal delusions. Also, finished Sakurasou and I was right to place my confidence in them. Not to mention that everything I commented on was aimed at the falsehoods you were perpetuating about the first half of the show. I couldn't corroborate your opinion with what was actually going on in the show.

Also, I wrote "purpose", not "problem". Quote me right at least.

And yes, I openly admit my sexual fetishes, why should I be ashamed of them? Although, if it wasn't clear, the last line of my profile bio is irony. Should read up about it.

Feb 28, 2014
Panta says...

Saw a comment of yours on Youtube ("If I don't steam like that, I will give up on anime. Do you want me to give up on anime?") which has a very simple answer: Yes.

If you find that all you have to say about a style of media is a constant string of complaints, and insults towards the community that try to engage you in critical thought, then maybe you really should give up anime. I've seen your reviews around here and they're far detracted from the reality that any one particular show is.

In fact, a lot of the anime you criticize have fairly strong qualities that you bash as problems, or you just invent problems out of your expectations that are threatened when characters act in accordance to their personality and not your desires. I've replied to your reviews on Sakurasou and Bakuman, you can follow up on my opinions there.But hey, I realize this is probably going to get me an honorable mention in your next video since you like shaming people who are opposed to you, but it'll just prove that insulting the anime community, who have a genuine problem with the way you communicate, is your sole purpose for watching anime.

So, again, if you don't enjoy anime, stop watching it, because from your reviews and videos it's clear that you can't be bothered to understand a single show and what they're about, and are perfectly content with publishing inaccurate and misinformed horse-shit that makes me wonder if you don't just write reviews based on the wikipedia summaries while not even bothering to watch them.

Bible of watching anime, my ass.

Feb 23, 2014
Elementist says...

I don't always show my appreciations to others. But when I do, I show them to those who deserve them. And my friend, your reviews have completely earned them.

Keep up the great work in producing insightful, in-depth, honest, & hilarious reviews.

Jan 12, 2014