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Shion no Oh

They say it is a mistake to judge a book by its cover. Ok then, I will not judge it by the description that says sports (which I hate) or mystery (which are rarely to never that interesting in anime format). I am not going to judge it by the entry picture either, which shows some typical school and teenagers. I am just going to look at the technicals, which are a lot more creditable, since a studio or a person are usually following a pattern that provide you with a few important details about what to expect. And guess what?
Shion no Ou is bad from the first second.

A veteran viewer will immediately know that by simply looking at who made it. The production team is Studio DEEN, the officially worst of all famous studios (yes, even worse than GONZO). Just looking at the name is enough to let you know “Oh boy, here comes some really mediocre production values and possibly a bad story.” So the story is at least giving you a few hopes of it being great but then you see the director’s roster of previous works. The same guy had directed Tenjou Tenge and Beyblades and any 8 year old kid can tell you those were some really shitty anime.

Talk about negative bias before I even start watching the damn thing. It is about sports (well, technically a board game), it is about some DONE TO DEATH school kids, it is made by the worst anime studio ever, and it is directed by a guy who was trying to convince you for 500 episodes that playing with spinning tops will make you look cool for the rest of the gang.

Wait, I am not gonna start talking about the anime yet. I will also deal with that issue regarding all those newbs who dared to compare this piece of negative bias with the most cool game promoting anime of all times. “If you liked Hikaru no Go, then you will definitely like Shion no Ou” is what they were saying. Troll harder you fools! Apart from the fact Go and Shogi are VERY DIFFERENT games, the basic plot itself is downright different. While the protagonist in Hikaru was a BOY trying to be THE BEST GO PLAYER IN THE WORLD (trademark catchphrase), in Shion it is a GIRL trying to find the killer of her parents while playing Shogi. As corny as the first premise may sound, trying to find a killer by PLAYING A BOARD GAME is plain ridiculous. It’s like trying to save the world with card games. Isn’t that right Yugi?

Anyways, let’s just suppose this is a series where through some weird superpower if you defeat someone in a board game, he reveals his crimes to you… Hey wait a second, there are no superpowers in this anime! How is Shogi going to help if it doesn’t magically force peoples’ crime to be revealed?... What? Shogi has nothing to do with finding the murderer? It is an irrelevant extra? The detective thriller part of the story has absolutely nothing to do with the Shogi tournaments? So we practically get two completely different stories in the same series? Talk about trolled hard!

To all you people out there who aspire to become scriptwriters. If you write a story about penguins and spaceships, make sure the penguins have something to do with the spaceships (like piloting them) and that they are not COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT AND ISOLATED ASPECTS. See what I meant by negative bias? Those who like the penguins will dislike the spaceships, and vice versa. In a similar fashion, those who like Shogi will dislike the mystery, and those who like mystery will dislike the Shogi. IT IS PLAIN FACTS!

To be honest there is a vague connection. The anime is basically about a girl named Shion, aiming to become a Shogi master because the murderer is a Shogi player and by playing with all of them she can find leads to who he may be. And as you can probably figure out in five seconds after reading this, LOSING THE GAME HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FINDING THE KILLER. She could be a total amateur for all we care and the result would be the same. So basically watching Shion trying her best to win does not make you feel like she cares to be the best in the world and you immediately lose a big chunk of fondness about her. Looking for the killer while trying not to miss the deadline for the next match feels like she doesn’t care about it much either. And thus PRESTO you are not going to like either.

Superficially, the anime does things right by fleshing out the characters on a basic level and maintaining the tension of the mystery. Underneath though there is very little actual motivation to keep watching and anticipating what will follow. The whole premise is blunt, the characters never feel special to bother remembering, and the whole murder mystery (get ready to facepalm) is resolved in the middle of the show! That’s right; she finds the killer way before the finale and then spends the rest of the show just playing Shogi! Hooray, how motivational! I avenged my parents so I can now return back to playing games. Thanks for having the peak of interesting gone midway! Not that I was very thrilled about Shion as a character before midway anyway. She is the more than typical too-goody, idealistic teen hero.

So beyond all doubt I proved to you how story and characters are big pile on crap, even without being biased against it (which I am anyway). Let’s move on to other aspects now, shall we? Let’s get to the artwork and the animation for awhile. Even if you are not familiar with how crappy Studio DEEN is in such things, it doesn’t take a genius to tell that there isn’t much to see here. Everything looks plain typical, from typical character designs, to typical buildings, to even more typical Shogi boards. The outlines are also never too detailed, the movements are never too smooth, and the visual effects are kept at a basic level. And remember; this is a 2007 anime and just a year before we had Suzumiya Haruhi’s funky dancing all over the place. See how dull it feels beyond all doubt?

And now the sound… Um… err… I don’t remember anything. Which again proves beyond all doubt (XD) it was mediocre because otherwise I would definitely have good or bad things to say about the soundtrack or the voice acting. Oh wait, I do remember something very well. Shion’s voice was amazing XD.

From all the universal truths I described to you above so clearly, it is easy to understand (and blindly believe) that there is very little replay value in this show. There is absolutely no reason to rewatch it after you know the outcome of each battle or who the killer is. And the rest of the plot is very basic and mediocre so again nothing worth seeing again here. The enjoyment part, as objective as it may be depending on the observer, is also low, especially if you have watched Hikaru no Go as well as other gamble anime such as Akagi and Kaiji. The amount of tension, raw emotion, and funky mindfucking background effects make Shion to look like a bedtime story and just as one grows up and leaves fairy tales behind, Shion no Ou will be nothing more than a dusty decoration on your shelf.

You have now been educated.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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jacobpap says...

this review is bad, and you should feel bad...

" in Shion it is a GIRL trying to find the killer of her parents while playing Shogi."-no shion was rather oblivious to the search to find her parents' killer and only cooperated with the police in a reactionary way(i.e due to being sent death treats)....

"she finds the killer way before the finale and then spends the rest of the show just playing Shogi! Hooray, how motivational! I avenged my parents so I can now return back to playing games."- I am of the impression that you did not watch the anime to the end because this statement is blatantly wrong I Iwould go into detail but I dont want to spoil anything to people who may be read this....

"it doesn’t take a genius to tell that there isn’t much to see here."- personally I really liked the art; the lack of black lines to contrast between characters and the backround is extremely pleasant on the eyes and I also really like the palete all in all you do not know what you are talking about and to anyone reading this I recomend you watch this anime for it is a good one

Apr 8, 2013