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Aug 12, 2012

Moshidora has an interesting concept; that of applying business and management methods to school sports teams in order to improve their performance. In theory this can work, since both a firm and a team require the same elements to be successful; trust, motivation, innovation, planning, and so on. The difference is that firms are in for the money while teams are mostly for the fame and glory but let’s not get into that. If I am to stretch it, it is not a secret how parents in Japan motivate their kids to take part in sports and other activities. I mean, which other country has made THAT many sports series? It is means to learn how to cooperate and antagonize; useful assets for when they later become workers and business men. Thus Moshidora is probably the first to almost directly admitting the ulterior motive of all those sports anime out there.

One must not make the mistake of considering this a sports anime. This is not really about a bunch of guys clubbing other peoples’ balls and then running home so they can be safe (joking). Although it does concern training, and matches, and championships, down to it it’s closer to a slice of life with lots of interesting life messages around teamwork, hard work, goals in life and so on. It can even be seen as a fighting shonen … without the fighting.

On the other hand this is not a highly realistic show. I know many who were fooled to like the show because it didn’t have superpowers or huge robots for a change and that it also dealt with existing issues in daily school life. Well sorry boys and girls but you were trolled. Although it attempts to be down to earth and deal with existing problems all teams face, it is still presenting everything as WAY too simple to be overcome. My father is a member of board in the local football team and I see first hand many of the problems he faces daily. Some of them escalate to very violent and even friendship-shredding situations. Moshidora is going way too light in the issue and despite its linguistic sophistication at times, it is still only good in theory. People don’t solve their issues so simple.

Another thing that further shows its light nature is the obvious fact that all the main characters are cute girls. Not moe material but close. I mean, jeez, first episode and we are already introduced to the naive girl with high ideals and its sick frail female friend. And they all wear cute school uniforms or gym clothes; I could almost picture a date sim in my mind with so much material. And although women are part of every sport today, very few would actually choose to have a teenage female manager in a male team. It is very… distracting if you know what I mean. Especially when all the girls are drawn cute. And let’s face it, the story is about a girl reading a book and applying its simplistic context in an existing team. When was that ever practical?

But it’s ok, I understand how this can work for most people even if it’s not realistic although it supposed to be. Just a month ago the same fuss was done in Bakuman, which was supposed to be about cartoonists yet the plot was hardly realistic there as well. How many noticed or even cared about that? Not that many. Moshidora is like that; it can be good at fooling you to thing it is real.

Even if realism is not an issue, that still does not take away the fact that the story is quite simple and there isn’t much going in it. I mean, it is just 10 episodes and it still felt slow and simple to me in terms of story. And the characters, as realistically as they seem to act, they are still average anime characters bordering moe and date sims you will forget right away, exactly because there are no superpowers, some important plot twist, or anything worthy of standing out from the lot. Same for the production values, both artwork and soundtrack are not doing a great job in any way; they are just average looking character models and backgrounds with lots of stills and a few hints at good, while the music score is forgettable pop songs. This show is so simple you just get over it fast even if you liked it. 

So is it a good show? No, unless you fool yourself to think it is realistic and you expect to see something light and simple for a change.

3/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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