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Magical Pokan

Jul 31, 2012

Where is the #$%@()&^ story!
That is what I yelled when I finished this series. I got trolled from the opening video to expect some sort of comedy going psycho along the way. It was back in the day when the community in my country had no idea of what a series would be about and Elfen Lied was on its peak. So yeah, watching the intro made me think it would be something similar.

So this is a series about four princesses from some magic kingdom coming to the human realm. Why? Just for the heck of it. They are also based on famous monsters. Why? Just for the heck of it. They also appear in the opening to be brutally tortured and doing lesbo stuff. Why? Just for luring you to keep watching in hopes of seeing that. And guess what, nothing happens. There is no story!!! ARGH!!!

Anyways, I watched this with wrong expectations as the intro made me think it wasn’t just another storyless gag comedy. There is no actual plot in this, just short comedic sketches around the girls making mistakes and other silly stuff around otherwise mundane aspects of human civilization. As far as story goes, there is none. Even the premise is nothing but a poor excuse. A trolling one, aimed at making you laugh at how it suckered you into thinking it would be Elfen Lied jr. Ok, it worked. But man, was I pissed. Where is the #$%@()&^ story! Each segment has its own completion but there is no objective in it. Other than comedy that is. Sorry, I’m not going easy on it for being a comedy.

The animation is simple yet cute and artsy at times. Bright colors, cute character figures and occasionally erotic humor TM just for the heck of it. The opening and ending clips are particularly memorable as they are nothing but typical. The intro is like that of a psychedelic torture/lesbo hentai, while the ending is a weird mix of 3D paper-toys and the song is performed as if it’s karaoke or something. Plus, it is different each time! Nice going there. The animation is otherwise low on fluent movements or cinematics. It still does a great job at pointing out the jokes with simple yet successful animation style.

The sound is equally good for the same reasons. The dialogues are very funny since the girls are more dense than solid rock, while the intro and ending songs are actually memorable and likable thanks to the aforementioned trolling/artsy attitude.

The characters are archetypes that don’t develop in any way. They are very funny and do have distinctive (albeit stereotypical) behaviors. They end up being good just for being a parody of the respective monsters they are based on. But that is as far as it goes. They are not exactly memorable or special. Some sort of objective in the story could help at that but no; you get squat.

I don’t find particularly high replay value in this series and it sure has no historical value either. Storyless comedies tend to be good only as one-timers and get forgotten as soon as the next similar show pops up but some jokes are good to watch a second time. But only a second and only some.

Ok, it is very funny even if I hated how I was trolled hard by the intro. The stories are shot and the jokes come one right after another, while the erotic humor and the dense characters really don’t allow you to get bored right away.

In other news, a few years after I watched this, I came to read a comedic loli hentai, titled Petit Roid 3. It had the same archetypical characters in it and equally zany humor. So my raeg went away as I at least got to read something very close to what I expected from this anime. And they lived happily ever after… even if they had no objective.

2/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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