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Love Love?

Jul 30, 2012

Despite its initial good premise, this series quickly debunks into a parade of pointless ecchi.

ART - SOUND SECTIONS: 5/10 [Hentai… Almost…]

Clearly a low-budget series, the optical and acoustic experience never goes beyond providing vulgar sexual situations and forced jokes that undermine an adult’s intelligence.
-5 pretty girls with shiny skins (a sign of poor lightning effects),
-luscious bodies (picture perfect body figures tell you from the start what kind of series this is)
-and dumb attitudes (every perv’s dream)
-are doing silly things with the male lead that always lead to a-step-before-turning-to-porn situations
-which WOULD be interesting if it wasn’t so repetitive. You practically get the same joke repeating for each girl. That means 5 times in 7 minutes. It quickly becomes predictable and expected, to the point of losing interest in it.

The series does manage to arouse you and make you laugh sometimes but it happens so fast that you don’t get the time to appreciate it, as it should. Plus, I don’t know about your tastes but personally having all this extreme fan service without actual sex, is irritating.

STORY - CHARACTER SECTIONS: 3/10 [Get to it already, damn it! … Oh, no, it’s over.]

It turns out that this series is the meta-story of Cosprayers, another similar series by the same production team. 5 girls are gathered to play the heroines in Cosprayers (presented here as a Mahou Shojo tv-series) and the leading male, the cameraman, gets to film them doing all sorts of ecchi stuff. Soon, the girls try to be kind to him in any form possible, since he has the right to remove from the series any one of them, who doesn’t fit the role. You can imagine what that means…

This premise could easily be used for making a hentai series. But it doesn’t go that far and the girls just tease the guy in a very fond way. Every episode is roughly 7 minutes long, so expect rushed events about all 5 girls doing practically the same teasing to him. And where it appeared to be a storyless series, towards the end the series loses its ecchi element and turns to drama. And it ends in a very slice-of-life way… Weird!

Anyway, there are no real personalities in the series; just 5 stereotypical bimbos and a horny male without any depth in character. There is development only in the last episodes, which practically shift the series to an entire different genre. That practically means that the series starts in a really silly way (thus, it loses any mature audience) and ends in a serious way (thus, it loses even the immature audience). So, there is little to gain by watching this.

I’m sure that the doujin version of this story will be a blast. Unlike the original one, which is just a small firecracker.


3/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
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