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Ladies Versus Butlers!

Jul 26, 2012

Animated by Xebec, a studio that never made a worthy show in its whole existence. Directed by Ootsuki Atsushi, the same guy who did over the top erotic comedies such as Kanokon and Motto to Love-Ru. Yeah, you know right away in what you are getting yourself into.

Ladies versus Butlers is amongst the most honest anime in existence. At no point is it pretending to be anything other than brain-dead ecchi comedy. It doesn’t try to tell a story, it doesn’t try to have characters you should like, it doesn’t even try to be anything other than the tired, repetitive softporn humour the Japs are so good at and that is what makes it so much more enjoyable. So as long as all you want is endless retarded borderline hentai without irrelevant elements such as a plot or character emersion getting in the way, then this is the show for you.

I wish I could write ten pages of analysis around this show but the thing is, that way I would be pretending the show has something worth writing about and I would be lying. It is just aimless excessive fan service and thus I am objectively giving characters and story an ace, since the show is honestly telling us it doesn’t need such useless extra.

I have read many comments about the ending being terrible and how most were disappointed with the show because of that. Guys, seriously, you missed the point entirely; it was the perfect ending for such a show. If you subconsciously expected context, where there was none, the joke is on you. Its target audience doesn’t care at all about that, so why would the anime waste precious airtime on anything other than borderline hentai comedy to begin with? It is an endless parade of overused brain-dead erotic clichés, one after another, all accompanied with the much essential blank lead character who loves his virginity more than he loves to grope girls. Something that he is cursed to be doing every 30 seconds because they all constantly trip or are in need to be silenced by groping. That of course hints that the show attempts to have its own in-laws and subconscious messages over how you are supposed to react if you grope girls and I guess it is a minor negative aspect of the show; it should not even hint it has context. That is what prevented me from giving enjoyment the maximum score.

The production values are fine for such a show. The girls lack noses and some hairstyles may look like huge drills but that is the perfect way to separate one character from another. I mean, since they completely lack personality (and noses), the animators did the right thing to centre on boob sizes, hair colours and loli looks to help us tell apart who is who. What is so bad about that? Plus, they all have retarded squeaky voices, since this way it sounds funnier and it hints they are all underaged lolis. That makes the erotic humour a lot kinkier and funnier and one should not expect anything other than that.

I highly enjoyed the honesty of this anime and I gladly recommend it to all those of you who are displeased with context, character emersion, plots, and generally who don’t like thinking what the hell is going on with the anime while you are touching yourselves. It is really annoying when they try to distract you from your enjoyment like that.

Oh, and of course I forgot anything that happened in this show 10 seconds after I completed it. It may be the perfect method for endless replay value or just total lack of attachment with the show. Your call.

No scoring breakdown for this show. This would hint there is context.

1/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
1/10 characters
4.5/10 overall

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