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Warning! Regerdless of what the first third of the pilot episode is going to make you think or feel, this anime is still a done to death goofball school comedy and absolutely nothing else. That first scene is just a troll to bait the unsuspected into watching a shitty show. And if you don’t believe me, just look who made it.

- Animation and directing is done by a branch of Studio AIC, specialized in making nothing but trolling fan service shows like this one. Their previous projects include My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai) and We Don’t Have Many Friends (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) which fooled thousands of superficial viewers to believe they were a lot more than just idealized otaku culture pattering for worthless lumps of flesh called NEETs. They weren’t, ok? If you are part of that group just take it like a man and admit it.
- The anime is the adaptation of a date sim, which means lame excuses for you to bang chicks and nothing to take seriously. It begins by making you believe it will be a political thriller.

Some news reporter girl is trying to take pictures of some shady operation taking place in a dark place, only to be discovered and be silenced in a most inhuman way. And it appears to have something to do with political elections, where lots of party leaders are planning to take control of everything and are willing to do anything it takes to take out the competition. Oh my God, this is going to be amazing! … Or so I thought for ten seconds.

Turns out the elections are taking place in just a school and has to do just with clubs rather than country-wide parties that plan to overthrow the previous government and establish a new world order or something. So you get the literature club being rough with the ping pong club, which is keeping an eye on the music club, which is worried of the sewing club, which is …. Oh, you get what I mean, it’s just a handful of teenagers trying to play it politicians.

The funny part is that they are presented as extremely powerful, like they have full control of the city they are living in and can affect the lives of thousands of people. They also act as if they can hire thugs to kill anyone who stands in their way and have the teachers, the police, the army, and for all we care the whole crime syndicate in their pockets. Other than that, they still haven’t got past the age they have zits and still need to study for tomorrow’s chemistry test. Scary isn’t it?

Of course all that have very little to do with the actual plot. So far I have only been describing the backdrop of the story which indeed sounds like it’s going to be something epic, or whatever misinterpreted word you would use for this sort of a set up.

After you have been hyped so much to expect great stuff to happen, the camera takes us to ponder upon the life of the protagonist. And we … get … shit … Because the truth is now revealed and the whole show is just a retarded ecchi school comedy around overused stereotypes with zero characterization and a plot that is taken out of the book of erogame clichés … In fact, it actually is taken from an erogame since it is based on one. YEEEEAH!
“Get out of bed my childhood friend next door. Kyaaa, morning wood! An insight to the daily problems of the average teenager.”
“We are members of the chocolate club, but one of us doesn’t even like chocolate. What a tragedy!”
“I am your teacher but I am busy getting drunk all day that trying to teach. What a scandal!”
“Oh, I bumped on a girl and saw her censored underwear. How hardcore!”
“We are in a major crisis! The student council wants to close us down so I must go against them even when I don’t want to! This saga is going to change the shape of the cosmos!”
“The world needs the chocolate club or it will blow up! What else can be said about a club where the only thing we do all day is eating sweets and offer sexual foreplay?”

And this is all you get for the rest of the show. The cardboard of a protagonist walking around the city and bumping on girls, talking with them about very serious political issues and then returns to his club to eat sweets and be molested by the gay guy in there. THAT IS ALL! Towards the end of the show they attempt to make things more serious and even then they fail hard for making state-sized scandals to be scrubed off as if they were just a couple of students skipped a few classes. There are absolutely no memorable characters and there are so many of them you will have a hard time to even remember their names. You will only refer to them as the literature leader, or the chocolate hater. They are boring, they are shallow, they aren’t even sexy!

All you get from this show is a troll and then some tired erotic jokes. Interesting if you are a NEET who does nothing but playing porn games all day but completely trash if you demand something other than bullshit.

Oh, I forgot to mention something about those. They are not bad, nice colours, the girls all look the same, censorship sucks, the songs are forgettable trash. But seriously, who cares about that if the show is bonkers?

And now for some excused scorings.

Analysis: General Artwork 1/2, Character Figures 1/2, Backgrounds 1/2, Animation 1/2, Visual Effects 1/2

Analysis: Voice Acting 2/3, Music Themes 2/4, Sound Effects 2/3

Analysis: Premise 2/2, Pacing 0/2, Complexity 1/2, Plausibility 0/2, Conclusion 1/2

Analysis: Presence 1/2, Personality 1/2, Backdrop 1/2, Development 0/2, Catharsis 1/2

Analysis: Historical Value 0/3, Rewatchability 0/3, Memorability 1/4

Analysis: Art 0/1, Sound 0/2, Story 1/3, Characters 0/4

VERDICT: 3.5/10

2/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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bobjoekaren May 20, 2015

This is a pretty dated review, but it's a review regardless of the date posted.

Your review is pretty closed-minded in terms of numerous aspects of the show and are quick to judge. Yeah I get it, ecchi scenes are something groan about especially if the series heavily relies on it in order to attract viewers. Too bad Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate was not the case. Yes there were some ecchi scenes (like 2 panty shots). Yes there were love complications going on. Yes it's based on an eroge. Despite the reasons, not all ecchi, harem, eroge-based novels, and other genre of stained with stigma are always bad. Some are actually really well done and not at all something to miss out on. If you have watched all of the episodes (or most of it) and then still feel that much hostility towards it then fine by me. Everybody has their own tastes and opinons. However you are partially at fault as well for being curious enough to check out the title KNOWING what kind of genre it was. And even though it's the case of eroge-based story they executed the story pretty decently. 

Bottom line, it's an anime. Here to entertain you. There will be tropes you'll be facing. Can't handle it? Just turn off the show and move on. But to review a show of much hostility based on who the creators were is pretty shallow. 

Only reason why I won't go on is because these are your personal reasons for the review and the fact that it's been 3 years since you've posted your review kind of puts this reasoning null and void (you could've had change of heart or w/e).


D0c Nov 3, 2012

Stop crying about ecchi all the time.. There were like 5-10 scenes(or something like that) with a little bit of fanservice in whole anime. Thats much for you? And if there was more of it, it was nicely blended in.

And i suggest you to stop seeing things so strict with your ratings( DUDE, what the hell with your scoring?? You are like a nazzi wanting everything to be according to you). If you didnt enjoyed the anime just let it go, and watch some other one. Why make a rage speech about something you didnt enjoyed.. More optimism!

I dont know..maybe you like giving speeches like this,but in the future avoid them, because every anime is unique and if you classify them and say they all're made by same clichés ..then you lost the colorful path of anime and getting back on track wont be as easy as you think. Enjoy more. Dont become fat, angry ota sitting in his little room making this kind of speeches.


XshinobiX351 Sep 21, 2012

You should try watching more of it. The story had developed quite nicely and there turns out to be a big secret behind the first third of the first episode. Hope that isn't considered a spoiler. Anyways try giving it another chance and watch all of it

jtou Sep 9, 2012

If the show is as cliche and horrible as you say it is, your review must be atleast 5x more entertaining than the show.

I am getting so tired of cliche ecchi shows and characters and situations.

Thanks for the warning.

If i ever do start this anime, i'll probably be unable to finish it.