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Girls Bravo

Jun 25, 2012

Notice: This review covers both seasons, since they have little to no difference between them.

Animated by AIC Spirits, a specially formed studio just for ecchis. Hm, I guess it was given to the proper people. It is also the first anime that was directed by Aoki Ei, and remains up to now as his worst job. Luckily, he never bothered with this sort of shows again and went to direct some goodies. Which ones? Garden of Sinners and Fate/Zero are the most famous, although many will still remember Gai-Rei: Zero and Wandering Son. He is cool; I like him. So basically we have the proper studio and a worthy director cooperating to make a harem show. It should work, right? … Yes, but only superficially.

This is yet another fine example of what a mediocre harem is all about. Just take the list of clichés and keep checking them until you have it all completed. And make sure you don’t change something along the way because the recipe is perfect for what it is. And indeed, the final product may be a fine cake but it lacks all those pretty extras that can make it better than any other mass-produced cake out there.

So, let’s see how they kept this thing as safe as possible. First, they establish that the lead character has an allergy to women, and thus is afraid of them. Then, they throw in alien girls, who seek males because they are very rare on their planet. And thus we get a show where the girls are madly in love with him because he is male and they desperately need to get laid, while at the same time he gets all sick of seeing them. Presto! Harem premise, which is sexy and safe to show on television at the same time… with a few pints of steam to hide all those nasty scenes little kids are not supposed to see.

Now before I say anything more, I must clarify that the premise tried to excuse the whole thing a little bit more than the average of its kind. The harem lead is not just a scared wuss without a reason and the girls have a good excuse to be all over him. At the same time, this whole thing collapses on your face in just one episode. After that he is back on his planet and the girls come over one after another to his place. Why would they stick so much to him if there are around 3 billion other males WITHOUT allergies on the same planet? It was very fun when he was chased around on their homeworld but after that, it just makes no sense and it’s BS as usual.

There isn’t even the slightest sex scene in a show whose main goal is exactly that. Talk about lame or what? Not much of a plot either, other than poor excuses for the harem lead to bump on them naked and be beaten to a pulp ten times per episode. Although some events feel a bit more interesting and dangerous than others, just the fact that he has the usual infinite stamina gimmick makes all threats pointless after awhile. Even beyond that, the lead chick Miharu has this Deus ex magical power which offers an easy way out of any situation. LAAAME!

So aside from the whole excuse of a story, what else is there? Bananas! I mean, woah, they really went out with that symbolism. The stuff Miharu does with them is really something. Other than that… meh, nothing, the characters are all tired archetypes we have seen a thousand times already. As for the humour, the biggest mistake is that it headed just for sleazy softporn and neglected to have some sort of focus on the characters or a few twists in the story. It gets really tired if it doesn’t lead anywhere and the heroes aren’t learning or at least changing a little bit. This is exactly what makes other harems like Love Hina to be on the top of the softporn comedy hill.

The production values are not bad in any way but they do feel standard for their time and don’t have anything particular for you to remember. Even that alien planet full of chicks is hardly seen for the most part and gets erased from your brain. Colouring and soundtrack are so typical; they fail to be memorable for any reason as well. As always, keep away from the censored tv version which steams away all the juicy parts.

So, is there something worthy of your time in here? Not if you have seen more than a few good ecchi and harem shows. There isn’t a single element in it that hasn’t been reused elsewhere. Literally, there are other harems with a guy allergic to women (Hanaukyo Maid Team) and horny alien chicks coming to Earth for males (Boobshells in the Sky). So no, it is a very passable and forgettable title. The only thing I clearly remember about it is Miharu naked in the bathtub, covered in steam, yelling for bananas. Hardly quality material.

And now for some excused scorings.

Analysis: General Artwork 1/2, Character Figures 1/2, Backgrounds 1/2, Animation 1/2, Visual Effects 1/2

Analysis: Voice Acting 2/3, Music Themes 2/4, Sound Effects 2/3

Analysis: Premise 1/2, Pacing 0/2, Complexity 0/2, Plausibility 0/2, Conclusion 1/2

Analysis: Presence 1/2, Personality 1/2, Backdrop 1/2, Development 0/2, Catharsis 1/2

Analysis: Historical Value 0/3, Rewatchability 0/3, Memorability 1/4

Analysis: Art 0/1, Sound 0/2, Story 0/3, Characters 1/4


2/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Jehowi Jun 20, 2014

Don't forget Mayo Chiki's main characters, who's also allergic to women :) great review man. I always love to read yours. Most of them are spot on.