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Goodness gracious, yet another porn game turned to anime. Let’s hope they kept all the sex scenes in… What? Not a single one? How lame! Ok, maybe they kept the entire story in, or at least a full route of it… Again not even one? How about covering the story or developing the characters? … Nope, not even that. This is nothing but a cocktease to get the game. A bad one too as it’s COMPLETELY BORING!

I mean, surely, what kind of appeal does such a series have today? It is practically 12 episodes of nothing going on other than really vague innuendos around romance and vampires… Oh, I forgot to mention that, didn’t I? Yes, it has vampires; the reason I neglected this element is because NOTHING HAPPENS IN THIS SHOW!

So we have this prestige school where the protagonist transfers to, and he gets to meet a lot of pretty chicks and find again his childhood friends (in the most kitsch premise for romance / porn). Most girls with a voice seem to be fond of him for no particular reason and the entire school thinks he is some sort of a pervert because he keeps being in the wrong time at the wrong nude lolis … err, I mean place. Also, here there be vampires, drinking blood and hiding amongst the students, with sunlight and crosses doing jack. The lead keeps going to various places with pretty chicks, talking with them, inviting them in his place, meeting with vampires, trying to get his feelings straight about a certain individual and … hm, there is no and; that’s all of it. A plot that could fit in just two episodes was stretched to last 6 times as much and still nothing interesting happened. And by interesting I mean:
-Romantic kisses
-Vampire slaying
-Romantic polyhedrons
-Anything other than boring everyday activities
-Did I mention sex?

Boy, this was easily one of the most plotless shows in recent memory. I mean, even most harems and ecchies seem to have more plot and character development than this one (believe it or not). So I literally say there is no story and give it the ace. It’s not aimless like Lucky Star type of show either; there is a possible romance going on here and there are these vampire students drinking blood… and let’s not forget the sex part. But as I said, nothing happens.

For the same thing, the characters never go beyond the first impression you get from them when you meet them. They are all based on moe stereotypes with hardly any special delving done to them (both metaphorically and literally). Although you get to see them doing their stereotypical activities and understand them for what they are, that still won’t make them anything other than archetypes with absolutely nothing extra to define them as characters worth remembering.

The art is by far the best part in the entire show, as the character figures are super moe that never look badly drawn. This is amongst the best works a shitty studio such as Zexcs can ever hope to accomplish. The colors and the backgrounds are also very well drawn, giving the needed fluff of the atmosphere in the prestige school. The lighting and darkness are also played right when they need to show cheery moments at day or pseudo-scary ones at night. So minus some frozen panels and a few stiff motions, the art is almost perfect. Just don’t expect anything special or original in terms of textures of presentation because you won’t find any. It is just showing generic stuff in the most beautiful way possible.

Sound is a huge contrast as it’s mostly average. The soundtracks are run of the mil pop songs and voice acting, although lively, lacks any sort of excitement in terms of dialogues or interesting context.

Value and enjoyment don’t exist. For all I care this anime is even less than a generic harem and has no reason of existing. So to all anime producers out there COULD YOU PLEASE STOP IT? If you so much want to make a harem with a twist, at least SHOW IT or take a few risks and try to play with the formula a bit. This show was so typical to the point there is no reason to watch / buy / keep it in the first place. And it’s a shame such good visuals (and the money to animate them) went to waste in a show everybody forgot in less than a year.

2/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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