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What the heck are you doing Square?

There is a pattern when it comes to titles. The more awesome they try to sound, the higher are the chances of them sucking. I mean what’s with the name? Unlimited? One would expect the most awesome story or plot twist ever and all he gets is mediocre show with far less to offer than Digimon. Yes, I am using Digimon as an example because this anime is nothing but a bad look-alike of a children’s adventure. Kids traveling to a magical world full of monsters and they get to fight one on every episode.

… Hey wait a second… CHILDREN’S??? What is this; ain’t FF games more teen-oriented? I don’t know many 8 year olds who would manage Materias on FF7 or Junctions of FF8. Why is this anime targeting people outside the demographic? Did they make this in order to draw younger players and not to please the established ones? And why do we even need a magical world and not the one the heroes live in from the start? Even in Tactics the world was a projection of the mind of one of the characters so it doesn’t count as an entirely disjoined feature. But look here; it’s just a poorly made setting with random areas and the characters teleport from one place to another after a mission. I mean one of the nice things about the games is the detailed world map (for a JRPG of course; western RPGs are far more detailed) and here we get nothing but a random pile of random areas.

So where are the elements that still remind us of Final Fantasy? Ok, there are Chocobos and a guy named Cid. They of course don’t actually offer anything to the setting; they are just the mascots. And there are Summons as well. In the form of… bullet combinations. Make that repeated bullet combinations. And ok, the cut-scenes in the games were the same every time you summoned them but I don’t think it looks so nice in anime form. I mean, why are the monsters standing frozen while the gunner makes his special move? And why are all the monsters defeated at once with a simple summon? Shouldn’t they be using a lot more that that? Man, the action in the show sucks…

So ok, they messed the setting and the action. Maybe the characters will be cool. Because that is why you play Final Fantasy after all; for the cool characters going to save the world from cosmic horrors … And you get kids??? Looking for their mommy and daddy??? Shoot man, I know the first missions were always something simple but not something THIS un-epic. The premise is messed up. Ah, wait, there is always Lisa, their baby sitter. Maybe she is a great fighter and cool enough to… NOT! Just a typical mortal with a few spells as a distraction. All the job is constantly done by Kaze the demon gunner. AH, THAT’S MORE LIKE IT! Now here is a cool character to… kill the monsters with one-shot summons. And he always needs to combine three bullets to do that? What if he uses different summons on a given monster; won’t that do the trick? And what is his backdrop story anyway? Why is he not the main character instead of those kids? He is cool man! And for the most part we hardly know or see him; he is nothing but a plot devise to kill the random monsters.

Ok, maybe the build up is better. Maybe it escalates to something far more important and … What the- STAND ALONE EPISODES??? MONSTER OF THE WEEK??? This is Digimon after all! The story is not only unexciting but it is also simple, childish and barely there, as it is made up of mostly stand-alone episodes in one-time locations. Plus it is … INCOMPLETE??? Here I am watching all these episodes and the anime suddenly gets cancelled mid-way.

Boy, this starts to suck bad. Maybe at least the villains are worthy to stand the show for. Maybe they are sinister and spooky and feminine like in the games… And we get this circus of sorts. The main boss is a spoiled rich kid with no powers? And his generals are a bunch of misfits that fit better in a Power Rangers show? WTH man; where is some Kefka/Sephiroth/Kuja wannabe? Why do we get these losers instead?

I’m getting really angry now. Maybe the visuals are going to be great. I mean the games always had great artwork for their time so why not this series as well? … So … what kind of a simplistic artwork is this? Where are the tons of details and the cool visual effects and the awesome battle choreographies we get in the cut scenes? This is like… Digimon. No, it is less than Digimon; the excitement is lower. And it sucks all the way! Who made such a horrible work anyway? OH MY GOD, NOT GONZO AGAIN! Why do you torment us you piece of shitty studio? GO DRAWN IN YOUR OWN CESSPOOL!

Ok Square, thanks for this badly drawn, badly written, badly funded, incomplete piece of trash. It is Unlimited all right.
Unlimited failure.

2/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
3/10 overall

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