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Notice: This review covers both seasons of the franchise. It is so pathetically mediocre, I needed both of them to make it look big enough.

Druaga is a pathetically mediocre title for the simple reason it was made by GONZO. Hm, I might as well have said “made by some 8 year olds with pencils and crayons” because that is how far and deep the show ever goes in terms of directing.

The story is about some tower with some demon on top and some teenagers trying to get there in order to defeat him. It would be pointless to get any further than that, as all the rest of the story is a big pile of nonsense. Plot holes, inconsistencies, fillers, conveniences and generally anything that would make any average storywriter to laugh with how little they tied to make something good out of it. Then again this is supposed to be a comedy, so one can excuse it to have a lame story… No wait, it is also drama… No, now it is mystery… No, now it is parody… and now it is a blue parrot with a tuxedo in the depths of the sea. HEY GET THOSE CRAYONS AWAY FROM THE KIDS! … I mean the storywriters.

Anyways, this was supposed to be a classic JRPG adventure, based on a videogame. It was supposed to be the classic tale of good versus evil, dragons and wizards and Gods fighting demons for the salvation of mankind. But in the hands of GONZO it turned into a steaming pile of cra…ckers on top of a green elephant in space. DAMN YOU KIDS, WHERE DID YOU GET MORE CRAYONS?

To hell with the story; they did nothing with it other than random comedy and poorly executed drama. Maybe the characters are somewhat better. Hm, the character portraits look fine, albeit generic. Let’s check their profiles… My, they all have, like, two lines of backdrop. And their intelligent is so low! And hell if they ain’t generic to the point of forgetting them as soon as I take my eyes away from them. Anyways, not even the characters mean much, since the story is random crayons and character development comes out of their as…tral super energy sword finishing slash. WILL SOMEONE LOCK UP THOSE BRATS ALREADY?

As usual, all the money was poured into the production values, to make the otherwise terrible story and cast to look nicer. But no amount of fancy artwork can save a campaign if the dungeon master is a GONZO… I mean a jerk. And anyway, the whole thing is just a tower with random decorations and monsters and traps, plus a town outside. And that is supposed to be the whole world? Because we are talking about a world threat here. Supposed… And whatever, it ain’t like the animation or the soundtrack are great or anything. There aren’t any memorable songs in here and everyone looks generic to the point of forgetting them as soon as... Um, what I was talking about?

As for the humor part, ok, it is funny if your expectations are low and you just want to laugh at clichés (both in games and anime in general). Too bad you will be doing the same even in moments of tension because of the lame directing and the random missions. This is hardly the best of what fantasy has to offer in the medium; Record of Lodoss War was wonderful for its cheesiness, while Mahoujin Guruguru is ten times funnier and more well directed despite its low production values. There is no value in this gonzoed show and I don’t recommend it to anyone.


4/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall

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Arcadia Jul 28, 2016

Okay "big boy" lets see you make an anime. Don't try acting hot shit when you don't even know what you are talking about. You have peaked my curiousity as to how you would go about this. So tell me how would you do all this?