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Aizenborg was quite something back in its prime. The human figures were all drawn in typical 70’s animation but the battle scenes were in fact puppets and plastic miniature vehicles. Think of Thunderbirds to get the picture. The result? A lot more realistic battles and a lot higher chance of addiction to plamo. It was a parade of cheap, cheesy, special effects such as firework-like explosions (Power Rangers anyone?), smokescreens and carton buildings. But, seriously, how many series can you think of where the entire plateau is set on REAL fire during the battles and where the monster gets REALLY blown up when its defeated? (Meaning, it wouldn’t be replaced by an explosion, making it look as if it exploded. It is really itself that is exploding! Wow! No reusing the same miniature in later episodes!)

Of course, by today’s standards, this trick no longer seems realistic. But you must really appreciate the effort given to it. I give it a 6 for a REALLY good job with what they had back then.


Alien invaders attack the earth… Hey, wait… It’s not aliens. It’s dinosaurs from the center of the earth! …

…And the only thing that can stop them is a huge robot… No, that’s not it… A transforming, flying, drilling fortress! Originality strikes again! …

It is piloted by teenagers that combine their vehicles into… Wait a second… They combine their human bodies as well?!!! My God, more originality! Like seeing Fusion in Dragonball, the leading male and female have such deep feelings for one another that they actually fuse into a powerful hermaphrodite creature during battles!!! (Who the hell thought of that?)

Why do they have deep feelings? Typically because they are in love, like in most mecha series, right? … Wrong! They are twins with a bond of mind and soul! Jesus! Do original ideas never end around here?

The rest of the plot is one of the same. Episodic battles with the dinosaur of the week attacking, taking control of a kind of animal (dogs, bats, rats), killing a few hundred people (with VERY graphic ways for a kiddy show) and finally being blown up by the heroes.

The plot is quite typical in… What? It’s not? What do you mean? Got to watch the series to know or spoilers will ruin the fun? Oh, come on!!!

In general? A typical and childish excuse of a scenario brimming with never used again ideas. You’ve got to see it if you want to believe it.

Ok, besides the twin variation (Jim! Jeanne! Gemini!), we have a typical 5-member superhero team and the respective wise scientist. And a typical megalomaniac villain that wants to rule the earth… in the form of a colossal, intelligent, brain-washing, fire-breathing Tyrannosaur… My head hearts… I give them a 5 for a stale personality but very strong presence in the story.

You won’t find many like this in all those endless retro series. It is enjoyable because of the whole puppet/miniature thing but you will probably get bored of it after 5 episodes. Can’t like childish shows forever, can we? It is technically as childish and repetitive as a typical Power Ranger season.

VERDICT: 4.5 / 10
I regret to inform you that the patient has left us. But worry not, as his ideals keep living inside his descendants.


5/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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