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Desert Punk

May 10, 2012

This is a partly action, partly comedy series around a powerful and very horny mercenary named Sunabouzu. It keeps flipping between interesting and funny for awhile until eventually it ends up being repetitive and boring. Animated by the most shitty studio GONZO and directed by a nobody who made only failures. There is very little context in all this mess, so I never expected much. And indeed I didn’t.

Visually speaking, most of the sceneries are deserts and the characters are drawn rather simplistic. The general lack of variety and details may eventually become tiresome because of that. There is also a rather high amount of fan service going on at points, as the lead is a horny monster. There are also lots of fighting scenes with rather interesting strategy around camouflage and ambush in the midst of sand dunes and city ruins. But they all follow pretty much the same pattern and again they end up becoming tiresome after awhile.

Acoustically speaking, the series has absolutely nothing to show. The music score is forgettable and the characters may sound lively but that is not something to give too much praise as most of what they say is lame puns or the same old stuff about getting food and money and boobs.

The story is wasted potential as it has a rather interesting setting and a rather colorful lead and does very little with both. So ok, the world became a desert and the hero wants to create a nice place for him while trying to grab as many boobs as possible. How did all that play out in a full season show? Almost nothing of importance happens plot-wise, up until the finale which tries to win your final impressions. But no, it ain’t enough to be considered as anything much, especially when most of it is spent on ecchi comedy or repetitive spars in the desert.

The characters are definitely a colorful bunch and I guess when the show was originally made felt a bit more unorthodox and uncommon than they do today. They are all selfish, greedy and horny and before the ecchi plague of the late 2000’s began, that meant a lot more to care about. But other than that, they are just occasionally funny and occasionally cool without ever being special or memorable. In fact, I only remember three of them, the hero for being the… hero, his loli assistant who repeats the word sensei a million times and the booby lady he keeps chasing around.

Sure, it was funny to see them being greedy/horny bastards for awhile but the general lack of story development and the repetitive sceneries and battle strategies eventually bored me before the first half of the show was over. There is not much replay value here and even your enjoyment gradually drops because of the stale formula.

The Mad Max movies are more enjoyable for having car chases in a desert world. Hokuto no Ken is more enjoyable for having martial arts in desert world. Road Runner is more enjoyable because each episode only lasts 15 minutes. This show should have either last half the episodes or at least pack more plot and variety in battles and sceneries.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
4/10 overall

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