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Dangaizer 3

Apr 28, 2012

- Another series with potential that got ruined because of the short duration. The story is a typical magical girl genre with lots of action and fan service.
- A high school girl and her friends are attacked by a superhuman weird-costumed woman and are rescued by two other superhuman and also weird-costumed women. The girl is actually one of the Dangaizer team, creatures that pilot a mecka and protect the world from destruction.
- The bad-guys want to perform a ritual that will change the world. But in the heat of the battle, the story ends with no conclusion and leaves us hanging to dry. There definitely IS a story somewhere (too many apocryphal references) but it is left incomplete.

- Although the story is two lines long, the graphics and the battles are awesome.
- In the character figure department, all characters wear EXTREMELY DETAILED superhero/supervillain outfits. I was practically drooling all over them. Few series clothe their characters with such amazing costumes and seeing this is an instant hook of interest… even if it lasts too little.
- In the fan service department, the series is one, big, luscious-women-fighting scene. If you are not drooling because of the costumes, you will be drooling because of all the pretty faces, big breasts and hip-revealing poses. Yum, yum!
- In the battle department, there are non-stop action sequences. There’s hardly any battle strategy or realism involved but at least there is quality on fluent movement and visual effects.
- Voice acting and music themes were nothing much.

What characters? There is hardly any personality around them, much less a background or purpose in life. There was no time for character development. They may all look very cool but they are just beautiful jewel boxes with nothing inside them.

No story, no duration, no conclusion, no characters. And no respect to women, with all this fan service going around. So… NO VALUE! … On second thought, maybe there is some … because of all the fan service…

VERDICT: 5.5 / 10
The accused is found … GUILTY! … For failing to provide us with a complete work.

Lame story and characters with lots of brainless action and fan service? Try Ikki Tousen and Queen’s Blade for size.

4/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
2/10 characters
5.5/10 overall

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