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Apr 14, 2012

Reading comments and reviews about this anime, one will be really confused if it’s really worth it or not. It is true that it has all the win formula in it but the experienced eye (like moi) is able to see thing clearer and thus it wasn’t that hard to figure out the problems in execution. The reasons are actually quite easy for anyone to understand as long as they don’t have Pokemon as their average anime production.

1) Gonzo. That is enough for all who know this production team to get really negative vibes from the get go. Some may consider this a negative bias but come on, Gonzo didn’t flop because it did things right. These guys are full of good ideas and fancy 3D yet possess no real talent at storytelling or likable smooth animation. Exceptions exist all right (nobody I know of dislikes Kaleido Star) but this anime is surely not one of them.

2) Bad 3D. This is usually the thing that has most arguing about the quality of the animation. It is true that each model is very well detailed and has a look that can make it look scary or cool. It is true that the backgrounds are very well made and the characters look more realistic than the average huge-eyed blob character. But you see, all that have to do with “artwork” and not “animation” which it quite baaad. Looking at those vehicles or monsters moving around just doesn’t feel realistic or likable compared to traditional animation or live action in general. So ok, it looks a lot better since the time they made Vandread but it still far worse than other works of the same era. A fine example is the remake movies of Neon Genesis where the 3D models there feel a lot more realistic in the way they move or fight.

3) Bad aesthetics. Another thing most newcomers to anime can’t figure out is if something looks nice or it’s just laughable. Those who are into videogames or like Power Rangers a lot will most likely find the way machines and monsters look to be awesome; but for those more inclined towards more heavy hardcore sci-fi are bound to laugh at all that. I mean how hard is it for the mutated freaks and the flying motorcycles to be seen as ridiculous, especially when you are annoyed by the bad 3D above? They feel like plastic toys or some shooter videogame and not really a world in the brink of destruction. Would Resident Evil be a good game if the zombies and the characters moved like stiffed robots? It’s the same thing here; instead of being shown something that makes you feel anxiety about the state of the world or the characters, you are presented with nicely made Playmobil figures that completely ruin the mood. And no matter how cool they try to make it look, it still feels fake. I mean the characters transform in seconds to bio-booster-something suits of armor and even transform their motorbikes … which then fly in the air. It may sound cool but we are supposed to be in the real world and about a serious story. All that makes it feel stupid rather than awesome.

4) Bad directing. Most of the duration has a pace which is almost impossible for a casual viewer to follow without being confused or fed up with. It is slow, changes scenes and main characters at random intervals, it isn’t clear about the character motives, it treats mutated humans like cannon fodder, it resurrects many dead people like a superficial shounen show and finally ends in a way that has little to no relation to the rest of the story so far. The villains have imbalanced power levels, their plans are simplistic, most get defeated too soon to really care, most heroes come and go before you manage to like them. Having Itano Ichirou as the director doesn’t help either, since the guy has made several action anime and none of them were above average at best. Watching this show is like watching election polls. Everything is confusing and you end up forgetting most of it in a few days.

5) Bad start. If first impressions mean a lot than the first episode is just dreadful. You can spot all of what I said so far in just the first half of the episode, as if they are telling us what to expect instead of trying to hide their mistakes for a few hours. Most series make their initial episodes really great before showing their true colors, and that is a great way to hook the viewer in watching further instead of giving up immediately. Not this show; it did its best to make us see all its weaknesses right away. I mean check out the pilot episode; it begins in a racing track were several motorcycles are … well, racing. I am no racing fan but I am definitely sure this race was terrible-looking with its fake motions and almost apathetic viewers. Then we see an ambulance where the patient transforms to a 3D monster, like we are watching Power Rangers. Then it kills the 2D medics in such a way you think they were mannequins. Then the special unit comes to kill it with their plamo machines and a fight scene follows like you are playing a videogame.

All the above may seem like peanuts for all those who care about the mythos of a show rather than its implementation. I mean, ok, the story is actually very deep at moments and changes perspectives of characters all the time in order to flesh them all out. That is actually a very good element but it is simply done wrong. The characters remain so apathetic and distant most of the time that it becomes really hard to like them and then the story moves to somebody else before you manage to get used to it. And the setting is supposed to be a virus epidemic that can destroy the world (which sounds like a very serious matter) yet it plays out like a videogame (which isn’t). It’s just completely off in terms of building an atmosphere. I mean if this was a virtual reality world or some alien planet, then ok, I would buy the premise. But it ain’t; it’s supposed to be our world and thus I couldn’t get into liking it.

About the music part, I have no problems. The soundtrack is very good and the voice actors are doing a fine job, while the dialogues don’t feel too retarded based on what is going on in the story. It is actually the best part in the whole series.

Bottom line, it is a good idea with a bad implementation and as long as you don’t expect too much, you may like it.
Blame my negative take of the anime on the Uncanny Valley effect. I like my shows believable to the eye.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
5/10 overall

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MrAnime May 11, 2012

Good job point out things. I myself felt the 3D was a bit bad when it came to the movement. This anime required some great animetion for those action scenes. 3D or 2D would of been great! Gonzo went with 3D wasn't a bad idea, but when it comes to animtaing those models, Time is of the essences!