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STORY – CHARACTERS – ENJOYMENT SECTION: 6/10 [How can you ZIP all these in a simple compact disk?]
- Sometime in the future, a cyber-terrorist causes havoc and the cyber-police team forces a renown hacker to help them catch him and stop a weird AI program that kills users by blowing up their brains.
- There is a good premice, there are interesting characters, there are plot twists, there is a conclusion. There are even several phylosophical questions around reality, morality and hapiness (and cyber rape is always an interesting theme!). What could go wrong?
- Duration did! Not enough time to get used to the revelations, the scenario development, the character maturity. The story is running forward in a pace that doesn’t leave you time to enjoy it or bind with the characters.

ANIMATION SECTION: 7/10 [The Matrix has nothing on this.]
- Character figures and animation were very good. Rather clishe if you have seen enough sci-fi but that makes them unimaginary; not crude.
- Backgrounds were either bright and dreamy or dark and scary, as the virtual reality is usually depicted. No complaints about it.
- 3D models suffer realism in terms of movement and lightning effects on their surfaces. But they were bearable. Mecha in cyber-space was a bit too extreme as a concept but I got used to it.

SOUND SECTION: 8/10 [Tec-no-limit!]
Why do dark-themed sci-fi series always have better music than graphics? I don’t get it…
Anyway, the techno music themes were awesome to listen to and the voice acting was decent.

VALUE SECTION: 1/10 [Oh, who are they kidding, anyway?]
This series is a rip-off of several renown sci-fi titles, conserning the blur between reality and virtual reality. If you have seen half the titles in my suggestion list, this one is like a grain of dust standing next to a mountain.

VERDICT: 5.5 / 10
Nice try you guys; but next time try not to rush things or present us so obvious immitations of other titles.

All the following titles are masterpieces of sci-fi with a similar theme to BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution. And all of them are far superior to it.

Movies With Real Actors: Matrix, Johnny Mnemonic, Blade Runner, Tron, The 13th Floor, eXistenZ.
Books: Neuromancer, Do Machines Dream Of Electronic Sheep?
Anime: Ghost In The Shell, Zegapain, .hack//SIGN, Animatrix.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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