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Apr 3, 2012

Elfen Lied meets Tokkou. That pretty much describes this series. It has a lot of splatter, along with some psedo-serious aspects, such as people forced to do things that hurt them. But, like the aformentioned titles, the series is just a chain of shocking scenes, unreasonable bahaviors and convinient events.

ART SECTION: 5/10 [Cute Japanese schoolgirls, covered in blood.]
Visually, the series is fine. Colors and shapes are wonderful; girls in mini skirts and monstrous Ayakashi are lovely. It gets a bit ridiculous if you don’t like the dumb expressions the characters have, or the simple special effects that are used in the fights. The battles also feel “turn based” and without choreography, the monsters are static, and the splatter scenes lack realism. Overall it is quite mediocre once you see it past the pretty colors.

SOUND SECTION: 2/10 [-Me kill you. –Me screw you.]
It didn’t strike a chord, in any way. Forgettable music themes and lukewarm voice acting is all there is to it. What I didn’t like at all is the context of the dialogues. It was completely stupid and shallow, from one-liners of seduction and threats, to endless monologues full of shallow motives.

STORY & CHARACTERS SECTION: 1/10 (spoiler alert!) [-Oh my God, they killed Kenny! –So what? Big deal!]
We have an interesting main idea for a story (monsters empowering humans but destroying them in the process). The usual “kids that level buildings with energy beams, without a penalty by the police or their parents” has gotten very tiresome. Then we see them using their powers, despite knowing that they hurt them. That initially feels stupid but then you see that they are either gotten overboard by the power they possess or are forced to use it for helping somebody else. Very nice.

But then … the nice premise is ruined by the silly presentation. The anime is based on an eroge. That means that the feeling of having “all the females in the story acting like dumb, squeaky voiced bimbos who want to screw the hapless leading male” is strong. Males on the other hand just talk like barbarians and simply want to hurt or kill the protagonist. The game also featured action and gore, so expect somebody’s head or limbs to be thrown across the screen every 5 minutes. This is NOT part of the story. Just shocking events to lure you into watching more.

The story has little sense and the characters behave in quite ridiculous ways. (major spoilers follow) I mean, there is a scene where a villain cuts to pieces dozens of people. The protagonist looks and says “Hey, another Ayakashi user is near.” Get it? Not “Oh my God, he killed my friends!” Then a phycho little girl appears out of thin air and he says “Nah, it can’t be her. She is just a girl.” Very reasonable answer, right? Then the scene changes and he is mysteriously bound with chords in a warehouse. The girl is dressed like a bride and wants to have sex with him. Then another girl (which of course also digs him) is mysteriously freed and summons her Ayakashi to defeat the evil girl. And then the protagonist gets all powerful (a thing he could do anytime he wanted, but didn’t) and saves the little girl because “She is just being used.” Yes, she is just being used and so, all the hundreds of people she has turned into mincemeat are no longer an issue. The girl simply fades into thin air again and the protagonist returns home while caring the other girl on his back, while feeling her legs all over his body… Did any of these make any damn sense to you? It was just 15 minutes of the entire series. You can imagine how it goes from there. Villain women trying to seduce the protagonist instead of simply capturing him and stealing his powers. Characters standing still in plain sight when fighting with Ayakashi that move like the wind and cut people like butter. Totally senseless stuff.

VALUE & ENJOYMENT SECTION: 1/10 [You are one cheap whore Ayakashi.]
Just like Elfen Lied and Tokkou, this series tries to pass for serious by implementing as much splatter and insanity possible. It even tries to play it mysterious by having secret organizations, the amnesia routine and lost old friends in the background. Which of course is like having a naked woman talking about the injustice in the world. Are you going to listen to her or look at her hooters? Thus, it is just a scam or even an insult to one’s intelligence. I didn’t like it and so shouldn’t anyone who has basic logic or a shead of taste.

Just play the damn eroge and skip this entirely.

Elfen Lied and Tokkou, if you don’t care about decent storytelling and characters.
Berserk and Gantz, if you do.

1/10 story
5/10 animation
2/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall

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