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Aquarian Age

Mar 29, 2012

As much as I like Madhouse as a studio, this is one of their worst projects. The story is a complete mess and everything feels boring.

Nothing particulary bad here. The graphics and sounds feel quite average in all directions. The setting is a typical city and the supernatural effects and costumes are nothing great. So symbolic overtones and a few in-depth dialogues give off the sensation that the series is not completely clished. Still, there are no highly detailed or great visuals and music themes to take notice.

The leading male in the story is a typical musician / singer with the average fame of an ephemeral pop idol all around him. Unknown to him, his talent is a trigger to a future cataclysmic event, as human history will enter the Age of Aquarius (thus the name of the series). Supernatural chicks and monsters appear to control his power for their personal agendas.

So far, so good. A typical messianism theme, combined with astrological remarks, a post-apocalyptic event to be avoided, supernatural forces at war and music to dress the whole. Unfortunately, NOTHING HAPPENS! Seriously, they promised a dozen epic-level events and offered practically nothing. The characters mostly talk gibberish about uninteresting events, the battles are dull, the plot is slow and the conclusion isn’t much. Even the highlights in the show are quite one-of-the-same and quite typical in comparison to similar series. And the characters, my God, they were so boring! They had nothing particular to remember them. Too bad. Wasted potential of a great concept.

If Aquarius is such a boring Age, long live Pisses!

Hrrr … ZZZ … Hrr … H-Huh! … Wha … Is it over?

And now a few things about the sequel movie/ OVA to this thing.

- The visuals there are much, much better; plenty of nice battles, post-apocalyptic events and pretty girls in spacesuits kicking ass. Explosions and music themes sound good, voice acting is decent. They are still nothing in comparisson to animated masterworks, like the much similar Karas.
- The story… Ok, what just happened here? Where are the ties with the series? Are there even any? Supposed, the catastrophic event wasn’t prevented and these super chicks fight Armageddon On Earth. Yes, very good; so what? Is there a point to all this? With only one OVA, we just get a glimpse of all this mess. A few well made action scenes and some talking about undeveloped side-stories. Well? Where is the rest of it? Or the events that led to all this? … Nowhere! BZZZ! Fail at presentation! The characters and the story are nothing without proper explaining or development.
- The OVA is titles “Don’t forget me.” Sorry baby, already did…

Kachou Ouji: Hard Rock Save the Space. Much similar in story, less serious in plot and yet much, much more enjoyable than this thing.
Choujikuu Yousai Macross. Who can forget Minmei’s singing, which could prevent entire interstellar wars?

4/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall

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