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Dec 25, 2011

And the loli plague continues with yet another school comedy full of girls that are drawn to look half their actual age. I am no moe fan but I always reward something if it is good. And for me a show is never good if it feels generic; which is the main problem with A Channel. While Azumanga was memorable for being the first, and while Lucky Star and K-On managed to play around with the formulas enough to grow their own identity, this show never manages to stand out and thus be memorable. It feels like nothing more than a copycat of the other three and for that reason it is very easy to get over it.

The premise for example is not only as basic as it gets but it will also feel like you already saw that many times already. The silly school lives of four cute girls; that’s it. Just how many times can such a simple idea work if it is used all the time? Once every 2 years sounds ok but after the loli plague fell upon us every new show regardless of themes now has cute little girlies in it and it’s just not the same anymore.

There is no overall plot other than spontaneous comical short stories (the manga it is based upon was after all a 4 panel gag type) and though many of them are funny, overall they lack the vitality and freshness of Azumanga. It has no AMAZING jokes or ROLFing scenes worth making memes out from. It has no moe girls that are worth making avatars from (since there are thousands of them these days and the ones that came first already filled the need).

So what are we left with? Nice, cute little designs. Nothing we haven’t seen before but they are well drawn and the directing ain’t bad for the material it had to cover. Nice silly tunes to listen. Nothing worth humming about but fitting to the mood of the show. Nice short gags to get a chuckle after a hard day but nothing you will remember after a few hours. It is a well made moeblob gag show but let’s be truthful, there is nothing worth talking about it since it lacks identity.

And speacking of identity, the people behind this show better stay anonymous if we ever cross our ways. The animation is done by Studio Gokumi, which has produced nothing but lame loli anime. Not only that, but it was formed by ex Gonzo members and as expected it keeps on shirting carp instead of trying to make something good for a change. Furthermore, the director is Ono Manabu, notorious for the shirty job he did with all-time-failures such as Dragonaut, Saki, Mayoi Neko Overrun, as well as one of the carpiest anime of the past decade that makes your blood freezing cold upon reading, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. So as you can see even if you try to enjoy the show as a generic moeblob, it is simply impossible with these fails of life behind the scenes. Thus don’t even bother with it.

1/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall

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