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Welcome to the world of light novel adaptations, where everything needs to be revolving around some boring guy surrounded by hot chicks who want his weenie.


The premise is about a young man who is looking for the killer of his family. In this setting, it is common for scientists to create automatons to control in battles. Thus, after he gets his own death machine, he learns about the whereabouts of the killer and heads to get his revenge.


I made it sound interesting; didn’t I? It’s all about the way you present it and sadly for the audience the premise is ruined by the usual tropes that light novels are filled with. So allow me to rewrite the above; this time on how it is actually presented. 


The premise is about a generic shonen lead whose purpose in life is described in one line. In this setting, it is common for people with random superpowers to create waifus. Thus, after he gains his own sex doll, he enrols in a school and begins to create his harem.


Doesn’t sound so well now; does it? Well that is the harsh reality and if one needs to hope of enjoying this show, he should lower his bar a few centimetres away from the ground. The plot is basically random missions where the lead is showing off his hax superpowers, seduces girls, and then has sex with his doll, which is one of the biggest anime sluts you can ever hope to encounter in a non-hentai title. The damn thing is a nympho and can’t stop craving for more sex with the only person she cares for. Every episode will feature at least 3 scenes where she is naked and rubs herself on the lead, who of course acts like he is about to be murdered. And then there will be at least a couple of more scenes where she is jealous of him talking to other girls and resorting to all sorts of deviant fetishes in order to attract his attention. The show will desperately try to excuse that as a “normal” fascination of a robot towards its master. Plus all the sex scenes are “supposed” to be about a robot recharging its batteries by plugging into its energy source, which so happens to be its master. And we are supposed to actually believe that...   


So as you can imagine there is very little time left to actually offer some sort of plot other than softporn nonsense. The whole revenge business is just an excuse for the lead to be doing something other than orgies with super hot babes who fall for his boring personality. There are for example some side stories where one of the girls has a very heavy duty to fulfil, or her pet dragon is accused of being a savage beast. They are supposed to build drama and tension but good luck doing that when they are kicked to the side every 3 minutes for some overdone ecchi scene you can find in any harem show out there. Hell, even the guy the lead wants to kill, the part which is supposed to be the most serious one, is controlling several automatons, and they are all (SURPRISE) also sex dolls.


Not that it would make much difference in saving this wreck of a series, but not even the production values are that good. The animation is done by a minor studio which seems to like erasing outlines to the point shapes seem to blur and tire the average eye. The colouring of the skins seems to be too pink or brown and with the simplistic look everybody is drawn you end up looking at a bunch of shapes that are supposed to make up a human being. And no, that is hardly artistic or appealing. As for the music, it is barely something you will care to pay attention to. 


So there you go, yet another show that is just forgettable fan service instead of ... you know, something worth of your time? Perhaps a story about revenge and existentialism regarding the value of human lives in a world where people can be manufactured? Straight up hentai? A dating simulation? Anything besides this wreck.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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anguirus Dec 28, 2013

ive being watching the anime when it first came out and i love it readinf the manga now to see any difference. but the simple fact this guy reviewed it as bad is not only shocking but must mean its good

hoffstyle Dec 27, 2013

Shocker, another fact deficient rant disguised as a review focused on things unrelated to the actual story. The only difference here is he is finally learning to mark an anime as completely watched before crapping all over it as opposed to telling the world his review is based on 2 episodes..

Ebhen Dec 26, 2013

Why don't you below write some reviews of this show so any new and perhapse curious viewers won't be scared away by our favorite Mr Negative here? :)I haven't watched this show yet but will do during the winter I hope and then will I write something too.

I wonder if Roriconfan even like anime or if he just loves being a troll...

Unclelucas Dec 25, 2013

0/10. Another shitty review from Roricon? Not surprised at all. Do you ever bother talking about the anime or do you prefer to just exaggerate specific parts you hated and tell us all how animes X,Y, and Z do it better? I honestly can never tell what an anime is about after reading your reviews, all I can tell is that you didn't like it. Which says literally nothing.Honestly, just stick to the hentai reviews. At least with those you don't have to try and be objective when appealing to an audience.  

SirJosh Dec 24, 2013

roriconfan reads anime, elven.