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Damn Atlus, you really like to adapt your games with random order, don’t you? Anyways, this is yet another one of those videogames where teenagers summon monsters to defend the world. It has the same director of the Persona 4 (P4) adaptation, which is also a spin-off franchise of this one. I really liked P4 despite its cheesiness and expected Devil Survivor (DS2) to be around the same level but turned out it is a waste of time.

So, the premise is sort of typical for the franchise. Some demons invade the word and some teenagers fight them with their own demons. The problem is that despite the apocalyptic set up, nothing seems to make sense or feels important enough for you to care. You are just thrown into this mess and no real hooks exist for you to give a damn. I mean the main three characters look so dull and typical. As retarded as that other show with cell-phones and future predictions was, Future Diary had a very wimpy boy and a very psychotic girl; extreme enough for you to notice them. Plus you had a freaking god giving them a clear picture of what they have to do right away. This doesn’t happen in DS2 since it has bland main characters and the premise is not anything special or even clear.

Another problem is the action part. It is so simple and boring to the point you again don’t give a damn. They just summon random monsters to fight each other and after a couple of energy attacks it is all over. P4 had similar battles but even there the choreography was more colorful, the bosses were relevant to the main characters, and the characters themselves were funny enough for you to care. Over here you feel nothing, even if the demons kill people by the hundreds in each battle. Who are these people for you to care? Who are these mass-produced identical demons with no relation to the main characters? So what if hell takes over Earth?

Another thing which annoyed me are the cell phones. In this setting they are gateways to hell and all demons invade with portals created by them, or in other cases computers with access to the net. The heroes just press buttons on them and POP appears a monster to fight for them. They can do that as many times as they can and then they expect you to think it is hard or taxing. I mean, ok, in the game you have magic point consumption but the show doesn’t show that and all you get is a bunch of cardboards saving the world by playing videogame applications on their cell phones. GAH WHAT’S UP WITH ALL THE VIDEOGAME SHOWS? When I was a kid you needed to know martial arts or be affected by gamma rays to become strong enough to defend the world. Nowadays it is always about skinny dorks button-mashing consoles. WHERE IS THE FARTING CHALLENGE IN THAT?

The facepalms continue with the obligatory secret organization which is fighting the demons. They have all this super technology and they still are unable to do squat next to three bland gamers. It doesn’t even seem that hard enough to stop them anyways; if the internet is a gateway to hell, then why don’t they simply cut the internet? Or if necessary, the electricity too. Yes, it would throw the world back a few centuries but it is still better to mankind be chopped to little pieces by demons, right? And you know what? It would make a bloody good conflict if that option was available but the corporations or addicted gamers were vertically against cutting the internet or the electricity. WE DON’T GET THAT!

Yet another BS is the artwork itself. Not only the budget is rather low but the character designs are generic and the only thing that stands out is the fan service. Yes, you have demons from hell killing screaming people being less eye-catchy than some random cleavage shots. The main heroine has a huge rack, the videogame has a cosplay mascot girl and the secret organization is run by a half naked slut. JUST BECAUSE! Well if that is the case, then the anime should instead be called Drooling Saliver 2DEEP4U!!!

And even if you somehow endure all the sleep-inducing plot, and the completely uninteresting revelations, you reach to a final showdown where the whole world is basically destroyed and made anew… exactly as it was before. Yup, they took the retarded time reset route where everything is back to normal and the apocalypse is like it never happened. Boy, that sure made the world to realize technology is not to be toyed with. Oh wait, it didn’t since NOBODY REMEMBERS IT!

Meh, what a waste of funds. Atlus, go adapt Persona 2 and make sure to include Hitler.

1/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall

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KageNoArashi Jul 6, 2013

Alright, just finished the show and i'll take all my fucking words back, it's terrible...

You should really update this, I really want to see your full opinion on this piece of dung. >_>

KageNoArashi May 9, 2013

Dude i think you're just trying really hard to defend the Persona series lol

Your Why and Who questions from the 1st paragraph? Dude Persona 4 did the exact same thing, you know it, i know it, they revealed everything in the last few episodes, so what's with all that big fuss?

Indeed the characters here is a bit less interesting, but think about it, the setting is much more serious here, they're already in an apocalypse(whereas in Persona 4 it only threatens humanity afterwards), you don't expect funny characters fooling around in their everyday lives here don't you? Plus the characters in DS is somewhat fitting to the setting.(Although yeah... they tossed out characters too quickly here, you're right on that)

The fights are not way too lame tho, it looks rather good to me(but you're right, Persona 4 has flashier battles).  The cell-phone demon summon thingy looks pretty cool(compared to P4, but P3 is far superior), though yeah it kinda makes no sense, some super secret organization letting random teenagers off the street save the world from apocalypse lol(hopefully they'll give us a good explaination on that)

Oh and the cutting electricity thing, they said that if they did it, some force-field thingy will go off, the city will then be vulnerable to demon attacks or something, that's why they choosed not to(if i'm not wrong)

I normally agree with your reviews but this one feels rather biased lol, let's wait and see if it gets better or worst by the end(i hope that it'll be good tho :/)