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This anime (which I will simply call Mondaiji) is basically a filler series. Meaning, something you will watch between better titles or when there is nothing good on tv. It is one of those light shows people watch as relaxation or when they are very bored. Sure, I make it sound like it is a bad thing when it isn’t but then again I am not watching anime because I am bored.

The story is about three teenagers from our world being transferred to a magical land where they need to help it help it be freed from the tyranny of demon lords. Sounds a bit typical so far, yet it plays a twist on this by making the whole thing to feel like it’s a parody. The teenagers are really messed up in their heads and possess superpowers that surpass even those of the demon lords. And the way to save the world is by winning in games. And their guide in this world is a sexy bunny rabbit. Sounds funny? Yes! Do they do much with any of all that besides one joke after another? No!

If you try to see this show for any other reason than comedy, then chances are you will be greatly disappointed with how effortless everything is. The heroes have simply no trouble beating all the challenges, which are nothing but silly games in a fantasy-themed amusement part. They are also supposed to have their personal issues but those mean nothing if they can waltz through the challenges within minutes and be constantly the heroes of the day. It sort of takes away any reason to keep watching. But then again the whole show is about wishful thinking than drama or tension so I guess it is what the creators intended for it to be all along. You have these arrogant overpowered kids who are bored out of their minds in our world and wish to show off how cool they are in a fictional land that looks like a fairy tale, where everything is a joke and no real worries exist. What kind of insecured kid wouldn’t like that?

As far as the humour goes, it is ok to the most part but just like everything else it is light and silly. It mostly has to do with the heroes being badass and manipulating, and that bunny girl keep being sexually humiliated despite all her good intensions. It sort of becomes repetitive from a point on but the show is only 10 episodes so it doesn’t last long enough to become boring in a redundant way. I know many who think it is too short for its content but I don’t agree; if it doesn’t have much of a plot or any significant tension then it might as well stop while it is still good, instead of keep getting more of it until nobody cares anymore. They did that with the very similar Dog Days and look how bad it turned out to be for not ending in half a season. They could have made a continuation where the heroes are starting to lose or the drama becomes more prominent than the humour but that would move too far away from the initial goal of the show and it would displease most. So it was fine to end where it did.

As far as artwork goes, there is nothing noteworthy. I mean, ok, the fantasy land looks colourful and eye-catchy, and the bunny girl is hot. That is all there is to it; nothing exceptional in terms or details, cinematics, fluent animation or special effects during the battles. The characters are as stereotypical as they get, both in design as well as personality.

The music themes are forgettable fluff, and the voice acting is lost under the very light presentation of the story. There are no bigshot names in the production team either; studio, directors, and writer are nobodies who only did silly stuff in the past and don’t intend to create something memorable EVER!

Many loved the lead boy for being an arrogant bastard than the usually pussy protagonist of harems that is in almost every show there is today. That doesn’t make him any special or memorable since we get a badass like him once in every season and they are all as forgettable as the wimps they try not to resemble. The other two girls that are in the same team as him are from a point on completely worthless too, since he alone can defeat EVERYTHING with no support from friends or allies. What was the point of having three heroes when one was more than enough while the other two barely matter or are noticed?

Let’s be frank of what this show is, ok? A light watch to chuckle for a couple of times before you find a better show and forget it within a week. It is not bad yet nothing special to bother recommending to others. I came, I saw, I left, I remember nothing about it. There is no value in it exactly because it never tried to be anything more than an anecdote.

2/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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DemonSeed May 2, 2016

What this anime is fantastic lol

Wafarasu Jan 22, 2016

Another person who judges too quickly. You're probably too serious for your own good, huh. )))

newvegasseptim Jul 15, 2013

Your ratings make no sense.

How the hell do you rate such major details out of 2? That means it's either Extremly good, Bad, OR Terrible. Should at least be out of 5, but of course 10 would be best.

Elementist May 30, 2013

Thanks for the review.

I was sort of interested in this anime at first, but now that interest has vanished.

Mikage Apr 29, 2013

I've seen worse filler series, but yes, I definitely agree with this review. I was told it would be one of those series where it leaves you wishing for another season. But honestly? I could go without.