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The Tekken franchise is still amongst the most famous and best selling game series. This movie covers the events in the first 2 games. It is a very poorly done adaptation since the budget is small and has hardly enough time to portrait all the characters properly. No surprise if you know it is made by that shitty Studio DEEN. It was supposed to advertise the games but only succeeded in alienating the newbies and disappointing the fans. But how can anyone expect something good out of something studio DEEN made?

ART: 4/10, SOUND: 7/10 
- Human figures look simple and hardly reminiscent of the game characters. 
- Fighting scenes are too short and lack choreography. 
- Backgrounds are generic. 
- Visual effects are poor and feel quite fake. 
- Blood spilling from the mouth as indication of defeat? What? No red or green sprays? 
- Music themes are full of beat and voice acting is ok. I actually liked those. 
In all, the production values are bearable but not as close as what the fans may have expected… Then again, how many good game adaptations do you know of?

SCRIPT & CAST: 3/10 
- The story is generally faithful to the games and the characters behave as their counterparts in the games do. Not that there was much story to begin with. A tournament, where the strongest fighter gets to fulfill his wildest desires? And a sinister plan to use the fighters in order to test bioorganic weapons? It’s the same excuse of a story all classic beat-them-ups share. I don’t say it is a bad thing for such games but does look lame to watch it in anime format. IT IS FAKE! STUPID! BRAINLESS!
-The battles are awful. Two or three strikes, based on the moves in the game, and it’s over. How can you enjoy a movie about martial arts if there are barely any in it? 
-The characters are cardboards. Besides Kazuya vs his father, all the rest are just cameos. The average airtime for every character is 5 seconds and we are talking about a lot of characters. Most of them don’t even talk! Don’t even affect the story! DON’T DO ANYTHING! Sure, we get to see the two sisters having a cat-fight, Jack looking for a way to help the little girl, and that other traitorous son, what was his name, plotting behind his father in an attempt to test his monsters and usurp the company. All the aforementioned happen too fast and in very crude ways. No time to enjoy them or feel the burden of the situation.
-The conclusion sucks! Not only it is a happy ending that has no relation to the games but it also leaves us hanging out to dry. What happened here? Where did everybody go? Oh, sure, if you are aware of what is going on in Tekken 3, you can pretty much guess. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE PEOPLE WHO DON’T KNOW OF THE GAMES? How will they enjoy such a blunt ending?
- The story is about the first two games, where nothing really interesting happened and frankly speaking, nobody gives a shit anymore. Give us Ogre! Give us Devil Kazuya! Give us that fiendish gran-gran-grandpa! Don’t give us the characters before they even HAD A BACKDROP STORY! 

LEGACY: 1/10 
I thanked myself for not buying it and instead downloading it; and I enjoyed most the part where I deleted this piece of crap from my PC, thus saving the space for something better. THERE IS NOTHING ENJOYABLE ABOUT IT! Not even the fans of the game will like it.

VERDICT: 3/10 
Can I get a refund? I think this thing is broken.

3/10 story
4/10 animation
7/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
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