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WendysAdventures Apr 18, 2017

Compared to a lot of the comments I have seen on here, I actually quite like your reviews even if i do not agree to all of them. I myself wish that I was able to place a fair rating to an anime such as you are, but I'm sadly enough really bad at doing that. I simply lack the skill to generalise all I think of a series into a score of 1 - 5. Your reviews are honest and unwavered by the popular opinions of the internet instead of riding the dick of mainstream hype. I just thought it'd be nice to leave a little positive comment saying that I enjoy the work put into reviews and laid out explanations for your opinions. Have a good day further on.

DNAinstinct Apr 18, 2017

With the amount of negative reviews and so little things that you do like, perhaps anime isnt for you. Maybe try you luck with live action tv shows.

AnAverageJoe Apr 17, 2017

I don't know how someone can live such a cynical life. Just being a person full of hate is just down-right sad in itself, learn to like things more then life will get better. 

Domestican Apr 13, 2017

you're too negative, most of the animes you claim are crap are some of my favourite like SAO. most animes I like u have a comment saying it's bad... please don't!!! It's sad.

Outlier Mar 25, 2017

I hope you weren't comment banned for being too negative.