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well hai;3 *BIG grin and wave* ☮♡▲

Pinkii ★

these things suck right -.- I have no idea what to write.

+ ok, so a bit of a cheesy welcome. although, i'm not at all cheesy as a person. i promise you. *pinky swears*
also cheese no likey me cause I'd rather feed the mices with itt! c: ihavenoSHAME.
but ^0^ la me says hello.

- about me?

i ♥ TO HAVE FUN ;)

+ Location: Uk -ugh- rainyland. Be jealous bitches;)
+ I have pretty freaky teachers at school, damn.
+ i l0VE Yelloww ;P cause it's all bright&colourful&lalala, y'know all that shizzle? although i'm having second thoughts about it now since it's sometimes too bright and hurts my eyes >.< i also like black&purple.
+I love rainbow, but I ain't gay! >w<

+ also i'm secretly a unicorn, and no, I won't show you.
+ Oh and just to let you know I love music. and idc how cheesy that sounded. *doh*

i'm such a rebel. lol no

♥ i sold my soul to the devil because he said he'd punch Justin Bieber.

P.S see that add & message button? Yeah, well, fucking click it dude!

+ Idk what to say now;o
+ erm message me or whatnot.
& that's about it.

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Zarrokian Dec 28, 2012

Well Hello there! Welcome to Anime-planet! I hope you have a great stay and meet many people who share your thoughts about colors =p