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About Me: Besides the obvious interest in anime which I began watching as a child mostly through VHS, my interests run through a wide variety of subjects.

About Nicknames: The name itself can be broken down into ronin and media. The word ronin itself can be translated literally as "drifting person" and that tends to describe my personality and interests. My interests are wide and varied and my views whether on politics or religion never lands on established lines. The word ronin was merely combined with media as I ran a fledgling multimedia best described as freelance covering many media types. Hence the name, roninmedia was born.

About Messengers: Feel free to contact me through messenger. Just be sure to mention who you are. I'm introverted at heart but when I come across a topic that interests me, I have the chance of becoming a blabber mouth of sorts.

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sothis says...

Nice sig, very calm and serene. :)

Nov 13, 2007