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Mar 14, 2012

Alright, since this is my first review, I can give this a shot.

Okay, what I think of this anime is that it is fantastic; I love the storyline, characters, and music as well.

Seems like it is a James Bond-like anime to say for sure, there is a main character named Kirika Yuumura.

At the beginning of the series, she loses her memories, she meets a woman named Mireille Bouquet, during the series they take a religious journey to help Kirika find her memories.

In the mid-episodes, they meet yet, another assassin named Chloe.

Chloe claims to be "The True Noir"; telling Mireille that she and Kirika are meant to be Noir together.

Angered and flustured by this comment, Mireille lashes out that Chloe is insane about the ancient fate, but soon, as Chloe tells her that she is the daughter of the soldats, she finally realizes why.

Later in the series, Kirika gets killed by Chloe from the barrel of her gun; causing her to remember who she truly was before she lost her memories.

Feeling contented by the fate chosen, Chloe tells Mireille who killed her family; saying that she had witnessed it from her own two eyes, assumingly she was a child then and remembers it quite clearly just to taunt her out of it.

Angered by Chloe's taunts to remember, Kirika runs off and headed towards the cemetary, killing the soldats as a result.

                         Chloe and Dark Kirika

As the final result, Kirika turns back into the person she once was, journeying herself to Corisca--to find the "mistress Altena" Chloe has mentioned before and to be reunited with them.

Altena, Mireille, Kirika and Chloe

Later in the manor, Kirika--the killer, starts to asks questions about who she is.

Altena answers that she once lived here in Corsica, where the children had persished and suffered many obstacles and had left to die in the wilderness.

Chloe, howvever, seems to show jealousy towards the closeness of Altena and Kirika's relationship.

Later on, Kirika roams throughout the darkest parts of the manor, encountering bloodly swords and chain shackles.

She says that the room smelt of blood, Chloe appears, replying that she is right.

Kirika then, asks that why had the people suffered and that Corsica is her home, (In which, the compassionate, human side of Kirika is reaching out to Chloe.)

The rest I pefer not to say, in which it might spoil the plot for those of you who want to watch it.

Dark Kirika and ChloeDark Kirika and Chloe

7/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
4/10 characters
10/10 overall
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