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Well! I am Risa, for some Rin and for a few annoying friends Duh.

I live in a small country, where too few manga are sold or anime dvds thus I am really sad (and my manga collection is really poor...). But at least, when I was younger, I saw some eps of Sailor Moon and D.B. on TV (the only anime ever aired in my country) so I discovered I was meant to be an otaku.

Anime genres: Everything... I do not really like mecha though... (I would not consider Evangelion mecha as some do... Evangelion is... Evangelion!)

Music: Alternative. Indie. Electro-Pop. Electronica. Trip-Hop. Hip-Hop. Progressive.

Movies: Some of my favs are Velvet Goldmine, Trainspotting, 24 Hour Party People, Reconstruction, Fight Club, Rumble Fish and blah blah blah....

That's all.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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skye456 says...

Haha thanks! Yours aren't too shabby either!!

Feb 2, 2008
skye456 says...

-gasp- Love the avatar! I really liked/like her ((Still in process of watching Bleach))

Jan 31, 2008
wolfangel87 says...

One of my friends has been telling me to watch School Rumble, it looks really good!!!  ^_^

Dec 20, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

Thank you for the great comment!

I just read your recommendation for Bleach and it is very good!!! 

Nov 20, 2007
Himitsu says...

Hey Risuta!

 Thanks for the comment, I think you have a great profile yourself. Your top 5 anime are ones I really enjoy to. I have yet to add Lovely Complex to my special recommendations (that was a great anime). Hope you keep yourself active on this site, maybe I'll see you around!

Nov 18, 2007