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Story:  5 years ago, a horrible event occurred where all but one of the residents of Kamioki Island died.  The sole survivor was Mari Wakatake.  A girl who lost her memories of the disaster’s events, even how she survived.  This unfortunate circumstance puts Mari as the focal point of the main arc, the mystery surrounding the events on Kamioki Island.  

Mari is sent by her grandmother to attend school, something she has never done before.  The school and it’s cast of characters serve as the backdrop for the story. Unbeknownst to most of the characters, the simple activities of life (e.g. shopping, schoolwork) slowly unravel the mystery. 

Animation:  Clean and tasteful.  There are tactful uses of washed out colors, though the colors are bright when this technique is not used.  The characters are well drawn and backgrounds have decent detail to them.

Sound:  Above-average.  The OP and ED are pretty and suited to the animation.   

Characters:  This is where Blue Drop shines.  All of the characters are well rounded, each having strengths and flaws.  The relationships between them are deep and provide an emotional attachment to the series.

The leading roles of Mari and Hagino have the most depth.  Each has their inner demons to deal with, and you can really relate to them.  As the mystery unfolds, so does their relationship and your feelings towards them.

The supporting cast is wonderful.  Time is spent developing each and exploring their personalities.  One is brash and athletic but wants to be a chef. One is artistic/creative but emotionally unsure.  One plays the airhead but is strong and confident.  You get the idea!

Time spent developing the supporting cast doesn't detract from the story.  It just enhances it!  This is done via developing the characters relationships with the lead protagonists.

Overall:  The ship fighting scenes are not realistic.  In typical uber-fantasy fashion, the good guy is indestructible while the bad guys are incapacitated with a single shot.  

The science fiction element is not very imaginative either.  “Radio” communication is magically etherial in one moment, and technologically based the next.  Ships fire “big guns” and can warp around.  So, this isn’t a reason to watch.

The story is well paced.  The relationships and mystery are developed evenly, and not in fits and starts. 

The real joy in Blue Drop is the characters and their relationships. This draws you in to the series and will be the reason you cannot stop watching.

8.5/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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roriconfan May 12, 2012

You make it sound good but in reality the plot is so slow and easy going, it just kills all the interest.